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Victoria Orchid
Are You Making a Mistake?

Postby Victoria Orchid » Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:20 am

In these latter days I often encounter in social networks a fashionable phrase: "You're not wrong, considering a person good. But he is wrong doing bad. " Beautifully written, but mistakenly! And let the self-importance of many readers says that this article is incorrect and stupid, and let the ego of many prevents to read it to the end, but I'll continue...

Seeing a person for the first time, we make our own opinion of him: what his voice is, what his mimics is, how he should do, what he should like, etc. When we come to know him closer, in most cases we are disappointed. Mimics is not that, and voice is not the same as we would like... And disappointment begins with small things, and then expands into a serious conflict, because a person behaves also not as we expected of him, and has other hobbies... It turns out that a person is bad only because he does not fit an image in our mind that we ourselves invented earlier. So whose is this mistake?

The answer is clear right away! This is the mistake of those who created a wrong image. And it does not matter, whether he betrayed you or just did not call back - it concerns another person and his morality, which we actually have no right to judge. In fact we do not take offense and do not get disappointed in people, but in images created by us. It is painful and sad when an old image is lost, and even more sad when you realize that this is your blame. What did you expect to get? After all, your partner is not to blame for the fact that it is you who are not able to and do not want to take people as they are. It is you who is waiting for something from them, while they owe you nothing. After all, we all want to be perceived as we are. But do we have the right to demand it from others if we ourselves do otherwise? Of course, it is easier to quote the above-mentioned phrase and feel sorry for yourself, than to begin to work on yourself, because thus we have to admit our imperfection and the fact that in any disappointments in people we are to blame ourselves. However, I hope that such people have finished reading an article on the first paragraph, and those who continued will think about it.

Time - that's all that we have, but no one asks to correct old mistakes, one should learn from them and not make them in the future.