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Tai Chi, Osho Form

Postby Zir » Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:02 pm

The Osho form of Tai Chi was found at one esoteric site. What do you think about it in comparison with classical form - is it extra simplification, or something useful anyway?

Here are the pictures:

1. Beginning of Tai Chi

2. Spread wild horse's mane

3. White crane spreads wings

4. Brush knee and push

5. Playing guitar

6. Step back to repulse monkey, right

7. Step back to repulse monkey, left

8. Grasp sparrows tail: ward off,

roll back, press,


9. Waving hands like clouds

10. Single whip

11-13. High pat on horse, lifting hands, double punch to the ears

14. Turn and kick with the right heel

15. Golden rooster stands on one leg (right)

16. Fair lady works the shuttle

17. Needle at sea bottom

18-19. Blue dragon flies up from water, fan through the back

20. Twist body, parry and punch

21. Withdraw and push

22. Conclusion

All opinions are interesting! :tap:
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Victoria Orchid

Tai Chi, Osho Form

Postby Victoria Orchid » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:12 am

Hi Zir, I have practiced Tai Chi a bit, and as I see from this pictures, it's really simplified form. Main movements are there, but sometimes they are being done only for the right side of the body, and there is no the same movement for the left side. For example, here I kick only with the right foot and not with the left. Is it good? As body exercise - no. As meditation in movement - probably yes, but the same meditation works in any movement, not necessarily it will be Tai Chi.
So I would rather stay with classical form. But thank you for sharing, anyway it is interesting. At least to remind about Tai Chi :)

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Tai Chi, Osho Form

Postby Zir » Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:53 am

, thanks for you opinion :kiss_hand: I had the similar understanding, but was not sure :shy: