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Postby Sasha » Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:21 pm

1. This site was created for positive and beneficial communication of people who are interested in magic, extrasensory and related fields. Negative between members is inappropriate.

2. Any advertising that is not aligned with the administration is prohibited.

3. The site is international, please be tolerant to members' literacy.

4. Practical discussion of esoteric techniques aimed at causing harm is permissible only for the purpose of neutralizing them.

5. If you take part in a discussion, avoid all forms of "trolling" - talking about an opponent instead of a topic, publication of false or unverified information, appelation to age, education or other life experience, not related to the subject of the dispute, unfounded ridicule or denial of arguments, ignoring of arguments, focus on minor details and any other techniques traditionally associable with "trolling".

6. Avoid unaddressed criticism (like "All in this topic write nonsense" or "Somebody you know who writes nonsense"). Any criticism should be addressed to a specific person or a clearly defined group of people.

7. Rules concerning the extrasensory competitions and workout are published in the relevant sections.

8. If you do not select an avatar for your profile for a long time, Administration can select for you a random avatar from the gallery to make the forum look nicer.