The "Healthier, Fitter Me" Spread


The spread which aimed to show the way and reveal the motivation and inner forces to achieve great physical shape.


Cards meanings:

1 - What would be the best goal for me in search of healthier/fitter life?; 2 - How can I best achieve this goal?; 3 - What new activity or exercise I should try?; 4 - How to best achieve/maintain my ideal shape?; 5 - What will motivate me with my fitness goal?; 6 - The best advice for me to be healthier?.




Concentrate and select cards one by one:


Tarot card

Card 1: The Tower

Key Words: Mars; far-reaching inner transformation; healing; the old is destroyed tomake room for thenew; spiritual renewal; self-knowledge. The power of the consuming, purifying fire destroys the old and sweeps it away. Nothing is spared; the tower of the ego will be shaken to its very foundations. Anything you attempt to clingt owillb edestroyed bythis transforming power. The apparent securities of the past have begun to waver and topple. All that remains is trust; the knowledge that all events in life arise from the endless love of the universe and bring us the possibility for learning and recognition. This understanding of the true nature of events transforms even apparent losses or painful disappointments into the valuable gifts they reallyare. Times of desperation and inner tension, when recognized, can become the most fruitful growing phases of our lives. The Tower is also one of the highest cards for healing. Just as the extraction of a rotten tooth provides relief for the entire body, the destruction of stagnant situations and relations which hinder growth begins a healing process for your entire organism. Having a tooth extracted can be painful, but when the tooth ispoisoning your system, there is no other choice. The strokes of fate may seem equally tragic and unfathomable, but they come to us only because we need them and have created them for ourselves eitherconsciously or unconsciously. If you can recognize and accept these laws of the universe, you possess all you need for true liberation and total transformation to occur. The eye of Horus illustrates awakened consciousness, which sees reality as it truly is. The dove with the olive branch symbolizes the compassion toward oneself and others which arises out of self-knowledge. It also symbolizes that which remains pure and whole throughout; the essence of being, from which all is created anew (the snake).
Indications: You are in the midst of (or are about to enter into) an extremely intensive transformatory process. Whatever is destroyed or shaken within you serves topurify you and make room for for something new. Allow it!
Question: Are you ready to view yourself and Life with new eyes?
Suggestion: Observe yourself in daily life. Situations may seem to repeat themselves, but you will not continue to repeat old, limited, restrictive behavior patterns.
Affirmation: Everything that happens in my life isfor the best.


Tarot card

Card 2: The Hierophant

Key Words: Taurus; spiritual master, teacher, advisor, initiate, inner guide, spiritual father; highest transformation. This card is ruled by Taurus. The throne of the initiate is a bull surrounded by two elephants, whose nature is the same as that of the bull. The four cherubim, guardians of the altar, are found in the four corners ofthe picture: bull, lion, eagle, person; representing the different aspects of being. Taurus, the bull, is symbolic of Earth, matter, the physical. Leo, the lion, represents the element Fire, the capacity for intuition, willpower, and dynamism. The person represents the element Air (Aquarius), the mental-spiritual plane. The eagle represents the highest transformation, and isconnected with the element Water (Scor- pio), the realm of emotions. The Hierophant has united all these elements in himself and has brought them to full expression. He isthe Awakened One, the Fulfilled, the Enlightened. He is a true spiritual master, who acts as the inter- mediary between the human and the divine. He isthe spirit made flesh (bull), or the final stage of human development in which the human is united with the godly. The woman who stands before him holding the crescent moon and a sword is Venus, ruler of Taurus. She holds the symbols for wisdom and emotion, a sign that these are in balance. The Hierophant has united the female and male within himself, and evolved each fully. When the male and female are united, the child Horus isborn. He is naked, unprotected, vulnerable, full of openness and trust in Existence. He represents true wisdom, expressed inthe natural innocence ofa child. Anyone who spends time in the presence of the Hierophant is touched by this quality. All defense mechanisms must be dropped in order to come fully into contact with his Being. His head is surrounded by five white rose petals, symbolic of love in its purest, most perfect form. This is the love which can see the other, and give what isreally needed at that moment. It may not always be something the other wants or wishes. A true master does not fulfill the disciples' wishes. Truth is a provocation which can shake us out of the heavy sweet sleep of unconsciousness. Only those who are free of self-seeking motivation can wield the truth in this way, likeJesus whipp- ing the money-lenders out of the temple. The serpent of transformation at the top of the painting is touched by nine nails. They are reminiscent of the crown of thorns, a reminder of the pain and suffering with accompany every transformation. True transformation can happen only in an attitude of receptiveness (bull), sensitivity (dove), trust, and in surrender to divine love. The dark background emphasizes the function of the Hierophant, who brings the light of Consciousness into the darkness of ignorance.
Indication: The search for the Self leads you into spiritual realms. This card canpoint toa meeting with aspiritual teacher ormaster. Be open!
Question: Is there any master of wisdom (past orpresent) to whom you feel attracted?
Suggestions: Involve yourself with the teachings of spiritual masters. Seek the presence of a master or teacher. Involve yourself in groups for personal growth. Be honest, open and receptive in these groups. Pay attention to the instructions of your heart.
Affirmation: There is only one voice worth listening to, the voice of my own heart.


Tarot card

Card 3: Knight of Cups

Key Words: the fiery aspect of water; surrender to beloved ones; capacity for giving; reaching higher emotional planes; spiritual relationships. The Knight of Cups has large wings with which he soars on his powerful white horse. He wears green armor, and the cup in his outstretched right hand contains Cancer, the Crab. The water sign Cancer can refer to familial relationships. But here the idea of family must be enlarged to include also any chosen relationships, especially those with spiritual connections (or spiritual communities). The pale blue wings of the spirit uplift emotional relationships to higher levels of exchange and mutual understanding. The peacock, symbol of vanity, has also been uplifted. He unfolds his beauty and offers it, without haughtiness, to the service of the higher. The green armor represents the Knight's highly creative ability to give expression to his deep emotions. The gifts he gives are expressions of his striving toward more and more perfect forms of emotional inter- change.
Indication: You yearn for intensive interchange with those of like mind and like outlook.
Question: How can the interchange in your relationships be enriched?
Suggestion: Seek your true family, the community in which you feel at home. There you will find the quality of communication you long for.
Affirmation: I am finding the contact I now need.


Tarot card

Card 4: 10 of Disks

Key Words: Mercury in Virgo; inner and outer richness; ability to make the inner wealth visible and share it with others. The card shows yellow-green coins, each engraved witha symbol related to Mercury. Active Mercury, in combination with the earth-sign Virgo, itisina nexcellentpositiont oemploy brilliantpowers of communication. The origins of any type of wealth lie in human consciousness. If this boundless inner treasure is brought forth into the world, it manifests and is reflected on the material plane. The ten coins are arranged in the form of the Tree of Life. This indicates that true wealth must touch all levels of your life. Mercury in Virgo represents an overflowing on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. These riches must be shared (communicated), if they are to remain valuable. When hoarded, their energy stagnates and becomes foul. Clinging and grasping arise out of fear (conscious or unconscious) of deficiency, and express a poverty mentality. Even the greatest treasures lose their worth if not used in the service of love. This is represented by the violet coins inthe background. Holding back energy which is an expression of wealth turns it sour. The coins have lost their shine.
Indications: You have attracted to you everyone who is a part of your life. You have created every situation in your life, and you create your own reality. The wealth in your hands isyour own to do with what you like. The responsibility is yours, and you are endlessly wealthy!
Questions: Do you know about your inner wealth? Do you share it generously?
Suggestion: On a piece of paper, write down all the qualities which constitute your inner riches.
Affirmation: I am internally and externally rich, and free, and enjoy everything, thankfully and in surrender.


Tarot card

Card 5: 3 of Wands

Key Words: Sun in Aries; virtue, integrity, honesty, self-confidence, no compromises. The three wands bear lotus blossoms which are in the process of opening. This blossoming is the result of an inner awakening. Body, intellect, and spirit are in harmony. Out of this state an integrity crystal- lizes which allows for no lazy compromises. You perceive and allow your own power free play, never giving it over to someone else in an attitude of subjugation. Despite external dynamism, the center remains untouched and clear. Reflection on this point of internal stillness alows a new sense of self-confidence to come into being, and guards against an overload of unnecessary problems. The wisdom within is strong enough to repulse any anxieties and doubts which may arise. The brooding, analytical considerations of the intellectual mind don't stand a chance when you are filled with life-energy and a sense of vitality (the color orange).
Indications: Pay attention toyour own point and internal stillness. Center yourself and overcome.
Questions: Are there any reasons for self-doubt? Do you yet doubt your virtues?
Suggestion: If you are not centered and feel doubts lingering within, draw a card to clarify the issue that still needs work.
Affirmation: I have the power and virtue to reflect and know.


Tarot card

Card 6: 9 of Cups

Key Words: Jupiter inPisces; bliss; overflowing love; deepjoy; blessings. The nine cups are symmetrically arranged inthe painting. All isharmonic and balanced. An open lotus flower bends over each cup and pours out its energy. The cups are filled and overflow, symbolic of manifold gifts. The influence of Jupiter in the sign of Pisces creates more than a feeling of mere sympathy. A great sense of blessedness arises from total joy. The quality of this joy shows that it is deeply rooted. It is not the result of some superficial pleasure. It speaks of bliss which derives its energy from the deepest reaches of a soul at peace.
Indication: This moment is filled with harmony and inner joy: Open yourself to it totally. Don't miss!
Question: Where doyou seek and where doyou find your true happiness?
Suggestions: Breathe and feel! If you are alone, enjoy your solitude. If you are together with others, enjoy their presence. If you have ajob to do, do it in silent devotion.
Affirmation: Happiness is my natural condition.