The "Healthier, Fitter Me" Spread


The spread which aimed to show the way and reveal the motivation and inner forces to achieve great physical shape.


Cards meanings:

1 - What would be the best goal for me in search of healthier/fitter life?; 2 - How can I best achieve this goal?; 3 - What new activity or exercise I should try?; 4 - How to best achieve/maintain my ideal shape?; 5 - What will motivate me with my fitness goal?; 6 - The best advice for me to be healthier?.




Concentrate and select cards one by one:


Tarot card

Card 1: Adjustment

Key Words: Libra; balance, centering, equilibrium; balancing ofopposites; justice. This card portrays the sign of Libra. Itisa fascinating picture of balance. A young woman (the feminine aspect to The Fool), holds the great magic sword between her legs and balances on her toes. Looking carefully, you will see that she is actually balancing only on the tip of the sword. Only absolute concentration and stillness, which come from finding one's inner center, will allow this condition of equilibrium to take place. The slightest distracting thought will cause her to waver and destroy the balance she has found, the balance that is the nature of the Universe. The predominant colors are blue and green. Blue is the color of spiritual and intellectual powers, such as thinking, ideas, wisdom; green is the color of creativity, the power to put ideas into action. The downward-pointing sword lends a similar meaning. The powers of thought are directed toward, and put into contact with, the earth, and serve her. (See also Ace of Swords.) The woman's shoulders are covered by the ostrich feathers associated with MA AR , the Egyptian god of Justice. Her face is masked, all her attention is turned inward. This makes her receptive to ideas and direction from the inner guide. She bears on her head the crown of Thoth, the Egyptian god of Wisdom. Hanging from the crown are the large bowls of the cosmic scales, Alpha and Omega, with which the universe weighs all. This card is a summons to avoid all extremes in your daily life. This may refer to emotional disturbances in relationships, or at work, in some creative activity, or in dealing with money. Total centeredness and inner balance are needed if the great new ideas arising now are to bear fruit. From a position of balance everything develops in a balanced way: in its place, given its appropriate value. The storms of life throw us out of balance again and again. The constant change between being centered and uncentered isthe process which teaches us to be more conscious from moment to moment in order to retain that inner peace and clarity when we find it.
Indication: Pay attention to what situations in your daily life tend to throw you off-balance. Discover the conditions under which you find harmony again. Carry this quality with you more and more asyou move through your daily activities.
Questions: What helps you to reach your meditative center, and to stay there? What happens when you lose your center?
Suggestions: Take time regularly for some form of meditation which steadies you in your center. Breathe into the Hara center (ahand's width below the navel), and collect your energies there.
Affirmation: I am at rest in my own center.


Tarot card

Card 2: Prince of Wands

Key Words: the airy aspect of fire; intensity; blossoming love; intuitive creativity; out of the darkness, into the light. The Prince sits with his arms outspread, as his fiery chariot moves forward swiftly. A few dark marks inthe background hint atthe darkness which he is now leaving behind. The general impression he makes is one of definiteness, openness, and freedom. He is naked, meaning he does not need to hide or protect himself. He holds a Phoenix-scepter in his right hand, a symbol of power and energy. He conquers new areas of his life like a pioneer (his legs form the number four, as on IV, The Emperor). His heart opens and he sees the world withneweyes. The Prince of Wands personifies the mastery of intuitive creativity (the green color in the flames). All senses are geared toward being used for creative purpose. He trusts inhis intuition, and surprises others with his original ideas and solutions. Nothing can hinder or limit this creative flow. The blazing fire in the chariot keeps him in motion. By surrendering to love (lotus blossoms at his heart) he rises above himself. Wings of Phoenix feathers lift him and allow him to view the world from an elevated perspective. The Prince ofWands isa fascinating expression of youthful, bubbling-over energy, and joy of life. His thoughts are daring and filled with creative power (winged lion above him). His trust in his perception frees him, allowing him to move beyond former limitations in thought and action. The Prince of Wands is perfectly ready to engage himself fully in facing life's tests and challenges, but his greatest lesson isthat his strong will can only help him toward his goal when it is in harmony with the will of the Whole.
Indications: You have all you need! Don't let yourself be contained! Don't letyourself be slowed down! Life isprepared to receive you. Trust your boundless creative potential!
Question: What challenges are present now in your life?
Suggestion: Spread your arms wide and breathe deeply into your heart.
Affirmation: I love life and life loves me.


Tarot card

Card 3: 3 of Swords

Key Words: Saturn in Libra; worries, doubts, lack of clarity, heaviness, depression, tension in three-sided relationships. The central sword of clarity is being restricted by the two smaller swords. They are bent, out of harmony. The rose is injured and drops its petals. Clarity has become diffused; gloomy clouds of doubt, fear or worry are limiting mind and soul. Saturn, a strict teacher, makes all impurities visible, blocks all com- fortable avenues of escape. The lesson to be learned here is no less than the mastery of care and worry. A brooding, distrustful outlook must be recognized clearly as negative energy which separates us from our origins. This card can also relate to a tension-loaded three-sided relationship, and is attempting in some way to explode or destroy it. This situation usually demands clear decisions. Any attempt to avoid making them causes sorrow and worry.
Indication: This card isa summons to make clear, unequivocal decisions. Only in this way can the lost balance (Libra) be regained.
Question: What decisions are difficult for you to make or face?
Suggestion: Use the Tarot to reveal what your decisions are (see Systems for Using the Cards). Draw another card now to show what awaits you when you confront your problem.
Affirmation: Every problem contains its own solution.


Tarot card

Card 4: The Priestess

Key Words: Moon; access to intuitive powers, healing, independence, inner equilibrium, increased self-confidence. The Priestess isrepresented bythe Moon-goddess Isis. She is surrounded by a fine network of light rays, an expression of her spiritual nature. Her essence is unrestricted independence. Sheisintouchwithherintuitiveabilities, and cantrustthem completely. She perceives and is connected with her own inner voice, the internal guide and healer. This shows outwardly in her trust in and responsibility to herself. Like the camel, which can travel long stretches in the desert without water, you, when you have discovered your own inner spring, also radiate a satisfied sense of self-sufficiency. You find fertile oases (flowers and fruits at the bottom of the card) in the innermost reaches of your being. The more you accept yourself and share with others, the deeper the clarity of your perceptions will become (represented by the crystals). In this deck, the Priestess is one of the strongest cards for balance, equilibrium and harmony. The upper half of her body expresses the feminine-receptive. This is accented by the upward-swinging lines and the upward-pointing crescent-moons behind her head. The crown is the Moon which receives light from the Sun. From the navel down, her body expresses the male principle. The lines are straight, dynamic, direct in purpose. The bow and arrow in her lap accentuate this concept. The Priestess can indicate extra-sensory perception and intuitive abili- ties, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, creative visualization, empathy, intuitive knowledge, and healing powers. These abilities arise in harmony with, and in service to, the ultimate cosmic laws.
Indications: You now have access to your intuitive powers. Develop them more fully. Guard your independence!
Question: Are there areas in your life in which you allow others to influence you rather than trusting your own intuition?
Suggestion: Seek out water as often as you can. Meditate near water, and learn from it as much as you can.
Affirmation: I trust my intuitive abilities.


Tarot card

Card 5: 2 of Cups

Key Words: Venus in Cancer; receptive love; happy relationships; emotional exchange. If you love yourself, you are attractive to others. Your receptiveness toward yourself prepares you to give yourself totally to someone else. A deep emotional exchange will be possible, a giving and receiving of overflowing love. The union occurs incomplete harmony, as symbolized by the entwined fishes. Two lotus blossoms rise out of the mud and bloom. The cups are filled, and overflow, symbolizing the overflowing emotional riches present. This is an image of complete joy and silent ecstasy. The water isstill and the sky clear and blue. Deep joy (yellow) flows into the emotions (water) and the energy of renewal (green) permeates them (compare Two of Swords). Thoughts are free and clear (blue sky). Seen through the eyes of love, the world appears transformed.
Indications: Your readiness to receive love makes you attractive. Surrender: to yourself, to others, to life!
Question: With which persons, in which surroundings can you now share your love?
Suggestion: Pay attention to the love coming to you now. Remain open, and let it enter you and go deep inside.
Affirmation: There is nothing to do but enjoy what life offers. I am now ready to let into my life the love relationships which will fulfill me.


Tarot card

Card 6: 2 of Wands

Key Words: Mars in Aries; warlike energy; the dynamic pioneer; domi- nation or mastering the situation. The planet Mars, bearer of dynamic active powers, is in his own sign Aries, the pioneer who constantly seeks new ways and methods of advancement. The drive forward finds new directions. The wands are represented bytwo crossed dorjes, the Tibetan symbol of the thunder-clap. The masks, with horses' heads at the ends of the wands, are symbols of pure destructive energy. The arrowheads are ornamented with snakes. This indicates the renewal which accompanies destruction. Dominion rests on harmony and centeredness. A better expression might be »command« in the sense of having command of yourself as well. This condition demands that your energies are collected and concentrated to provide the courage necessary to embark on new paths. Whatever drastic changes may occur along the way, the pioneer will not be thrown off balance. The background of the painting shows the meetings of fire and water, an alchemical symbol of the unification of differing aspects of our being. Out of this union arises the new. When you accept differences and apparent conflicts, solutions become possible whichchange and increase your perspective.
Indications: Pay attention to centering. If you're in contact with your center, you are certain to master the situation. Trust your energy. Don't go for any false compromises!
Question: Which tasks and situations are a challenge to you?
Suggestion: If you are in a challenging situation, sit down upright and comfortably. Breathe deeply into your abdomen. Wait until your breathing flows gently and calmly and you feel quite relaxed. Now visualize the situation athand. Seeyourself dealing with itwhile remaining centered.
Affirmation: I find the strength I need now in my center.