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The "Horseshoe" spread, also known as "7 Cards Ellipse", provides information on the past, present, future and gives useful advice in the current situation.


The "Question" spread reveals the essence of the issue that has arisen in front of you and your abilities to resolve it.


The "Relationship" spread makes it possible to recognize, what you think about partner, what (s)he thinks about you, and what are the perspectives of the union. Most often it is a love relationship, but the layout can be used for friendship, for business and for family ties.

Celtic Cross

The "Celtic Cross" spread is a classic layout with a wide scope of applications. Like "Horseshoe", it can describe the current situation as a whole, but it also may help to solve any particular problem.

7 chakras

The "Seven Chakras" layout allows to make a simple diagnostics of the energy state of your system on the basis of cards drawn for each of seven energy centers - chakras.

Card of the Day

In this layout you draw only one card that can answer any question or just serve as a characteristic of the current moment or the whole day.


The "Pyramid" spread allows to analyze the certain situation, its forces, reasons, and to look for the ways to interact with it.

New Job

The "New Job" spread helps to look at the new job proposition from different sides.

Lucky Clover

"Lucky Clover" is a luck spread, which also shows the source of your luck and the possibility given by it.


"Seagull" is another spread to analyze relationship, which helps to understand its different levels.


The "Chamomile" spread is useful for a question of choice between two partners.


About the Divination

This divination method follows all the actions that are usually being done with physical Tarot deck. In spite of popular opinion, that computer divination is made just mechanically, here you select cards by yourself, hence the results are similar to divination with a real deck.

After a reading is complete, you receive a permanent link to its results.

Two decks are available by now - Aleister Crowley's "Thoth Tarot" and classical "Rider-Waite Tarot" deck.

"Thoth Tarot" deck is known as one of the most interesting, thorough and easy in learning. Commentaries for this cards were taken from the Gerd Ziegler's book "Tarot - Mirror of the Soul", they are not just decriptions of images, but also an excellent set of affirmations for every card.

"Rider-Waite Tarot" deck is seen today as the closest to the original magical essence of Tarot and containing the most accurate images (glyphs), which are appropriate to Arcana energy. In addition, the renumbering of "Strength" and "Justice" Arcana, introduced by Arthur Waite, also corresponds to the correct location of the Sephiroth Tree channels. With this deck, as opposed to working with Aleister Crowley's deck, both straight and reversed positions of cards are used. Comments for this cards are simple, they can only serve as a starting point for analysis, but for a deeper understanding of the cards your own adjustment to them is desired.

The page has fully responsive design, that is, the divination will work equally well on a computer screen and on a mobile device.

Fully functional Tarot software, that allows to use any decks and spreads, you can find in the "Software" category.