About Computer Divination

Tarot deckMany people interested in and working with Tarot have the opinion that divination using computer programs is wrong. Like, if the computer chooses a card, then the reading goes completely mechanical and does not show real information.

And this is the correct view, but only if the cards are selected by computer. Then the role of the diviner comes down to interpretation, he does not pull the cards, the results do not depend on his adjustment or intuition, and are entirely random. However, even in case of accidentally pulled cards there can be found some signs, but certainly it's not a work with Tarot of full value.

Another thing, if the program for divination is interactive and allows the operator to pull the cards himself. In this case, the situation is changing and the results are dependent on the adjustment of the diviner, on his intuition or his skill. And experience shows that the results of the work with these interactive programs are not inferior to the physical Tarot deck.

There is another possible obstacle - the old school may refer to a computer with prejudice and not consider it possible to use in their mantic or magic work. But it is only prejudice, the computer is as much a part of the magic world around us as any other thing, and it does not have the ability to block magic. Just like psychics working with photographs can easily adjust to read the information from digital photos, specialist of mantic system can learn to work effectively with the computer. There is a more mundane example - reading electronic books, too, is not inferior to reading the paper version in terms of information or pleasure, and many bibliophiles overcame their prejudices long ago and enjoy reading from the screen as many books as before was unthinkable for them to find and buy.

There is, of course, such a nuance as the establishment of contact with the deck, which is sometimes called charging. Tarolog will not exchange his deck on the exact same, but different. Yes, you can not set such a contact with electronic deck, because it does not physically exist. But it's just a matter of relations with the tool, necessary contact can be set with the computer when treating it accordingly. However, today computers are used for a variety of tasks which are not always magical, so this approach will work out for very few people. For continuous professional work the "charged" deck would be in the end preferable. But for the more simple actions, such as testing a new deck or making a reading in an environment where there is no possibility to use a real deck, a computer method is fully suitable.

The only question concerns truly interactive programs. Programmers who write such programs do not always understand what they are doing, and you can often find online fortune telling, which is just an imitation of interactivity. Visitor is allowed to choose cards for a reading, but his choice in the end is not taken into account, and he sees the cards chosen by the computer. From a programmer's perspective the result is there, some cards are drawn, and outside it looks "for real". But real divination in this case, of course, does not happen, and the visitor is simply led a pretty dance.

Programs at our site meet the criterion of interactivity (we are talking about programs Online Tarot Reading and Wise Tarot). Try it and see - with proper adjustment you will find that you can make good readings with the computer. If you are already used to a mantic software from other authors, make sure, that it is not an imitation. In the case of off-line program it is unlikely, because off-line programs are usually developed with serious attention. But if it's online divination - be attentive.

Published: 18.12.2015 in the Tarot category