How to Choose and Charge Your Tarot Deck

Tarot deck consists of 22 Major, 16 Court and 40 Minor Arcana. Most modern decks have all cards illustrated, although in some decks, mostly old, Minor Arcana contain only numbers and suits. The illustrations on Tarot cards use symbols, called glyphs, to help tune into the energy of a certain Arcanum. Theoretically it would be possible to use a Tarot deck, which does not have any images, where cards are just signed, but the presence of glyphs makes more precise tuning into the specific energy of each card.

In classical decks (Tarot of Marseilles, Rider-Waite Tarot, Papus Tarot and decks based on them) glyphs allow to tune into Arcanum energy most clearly, their illustrations are created thoughtfully and knowledgeably. These are Tarot cards in their pure form.

Rider-Waite Tarot deckRider-Waite Tarot deck

At the same time there are decks, which are rather variations on the theme of Tarot, and they should have been called oracles. For example, popular Tarot of Manara deck - it is an oracle, which is designed to work with relationships. Its cards are not connected with Tarot Arcana directly, they help tune into energies that are involved in relationships.

Tarot of ManaraTarot of Manara

Osho Transformation Tarot and Zen Tarot decks - these are also oracles, which help enter into interaction with energies of Osho movement.

Osho Transformation Tarot deckOsho Transformation Tarot deck

There are decks that are close enough to classical Tarot, but bring to the process of tuning into Arcana certain accents. For example, bright and interesting Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck is built on images, which involve individual subconscious, it is mostly focused inward person, on his psychology. Such decks should be considered as non-classical Tarot, and they should be chosen carefully, taking into account additional tints introduced by them.

Consider these ideas when choosing a deck for yourself, find out which deck is the easiest for you to feel Arcana energies, their differences. Focus ultimately on your own experience. First of all, you should like your Tarot deck. Before purchasing, carefully examine decks available in the market. Your deck, as they say, will "call" you. Because decks of cards for sale are usually packed, look into catalogs and online galleries in order to avoid an unsuccessful purchase.

Before you start working with Tarot deck, it is necessary to establish contact with it. It is sometimes referred to as "charging" of a deck. The easiest way to charge - just to look closely at cards, tune in every Arcanum, feel its energy. However, this can be done in the form of a ritual, if you prefer that your actions had a nice and consistent form. Here is an example of possible ritual:

The ritual of blessing (charging) of a new Tarot deck

You will need a purple candle, incense, water and salt. Light a candle, burn incense, put a deck in front of a candle, close your eyes, take a deep breath 4-5 times, then open your eyes, carry a deck through the smoke stream from incense, saying: "I give you now a breath of air, inhale its purity." Then carry a deck over the flame of a candle, saying: "I give you a warm fire, so that you can fulfill my desire." Then sprinkle a deck by water, saying: "I give you water - the true source of life. Drink it to the bottom, paving the way." Then throw a few grains of salt on a deck, saying: "I give you earth in which seeds of power can germinate."
Finally, lift up a deck on the outstretched left arm and say: "The power of ancient Tarot, give me your knowledge and let it penetrate into my soul, into my mind. Let knowledge be spilled from this deck." After the ritual meditate in a dark room for 15-20 minutes.

To maintain contact with a charged deck, it is desirable to have it with you as often as possible, store in a special beautifully decorated box or bag and avoid giving it to other people.

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