Tarot is one of the oldest instruments commonly used for analysis and prediction. Its origins are unclear. It is believed that it was invented in the lost Atlantis continent, and at that time it was used not for divination only but as a magical instrument to conduct universal energies. Tarot Arcana nowadays help a Tarot reader to feel the energies, that create a situation or present in a person, to come to a better conclusion and to find answers to different questions.

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In its traditional form Tarot has 78 cards, including 22 cards of the Major Arcana, 16 cards of the Court Arcana and 40 cards of the Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana corresponds to the channels between 10 Sefiroth on the Tree of Life. Sefiroth may be explained as levels of the universal energy, and the channels mean paths to move from one level to another. There are 22 channels on the Tree of Life, and therefore Major Tarot Arcana should cover all the paths of energy manifestation. The Court and Minor Arcana consist of 4 suits, which represent 4 elements - Earth, Water, Air and Fire. All energies have one of this four qualities. A degree of such quality has 10 stages, which corresponds to 10 Sefiroth, hence 10 cards in Minor Arcana of each suit. And when the quality is fully realized, it again may have one of four directions, which gives us 4 cards in Court Arcana of each suit.

Each card has its own common interpretation, including symbolical, astrological, runic and others, but it also depends on its position in Tarot spreads. The best way to understand a card's meaning in a spread is to concentrate on its image and symbols and trust your intuition or vision.

Online Tarot Reading

Free online Tarot readings

At the "Free Online Tarot Reading" page you can find several popular Tarot spreads. The process of divination is as close to real working with Tarot deck as possible, so the service might be equally interesting for a beginner and for an experienced reader. By now 2 decks are available - Aleister Crowley's "Thoth Tarot" and "Rider-Waite Tarot". Direct links to exchange performed readings are also available.

How to Choose and Charge Your Tarot Deck

How to Choose and Charge Your Tarot Deck

There are so many Tarot decks available in the market - which one to choose? Which decks are "true Tarot decks", and which are something else? And when you have chosen, what to do next?

About Computer Divination

About Computer Divination
18.12.2015, comments: 1

Many people interested in and working with Tarot have the opinion that divination using computer programs is wrong. Like, if the computer chooses a card, then the reading goes completely mechanical and does not show real information.

And this is the correct view, but only if the cards are selected by computer. Then the role of the diviner comes down to interpretation, he does not pull the cards, the results do not depend on his adjustment or intuition, and are entirely random. However, even in case of accidentally pulled cards there can be found some signs, but certainly it's not a work with Tarot of full value.

Another thing, if the program for divination is interactive...