The Wise Tarot Software

This Tarot software was created as a maximum approach to divination with a real Tarot deck.

The software allows:
- to create spreads (as many you wish);
- to use different Tarot decks, and to add your own (scanned or downloaded);
- to edit card meanings separately for different decks;
- to toggle the use of significator, reverse card positions and Major/Minor Arcana;
- to save and print readings, including made with a real deck;
- and, of course, to learn and develop.

According to many reviews, the quality of readings made with this software is on the same level as with physical deck.

The distribution includes several predefined spreads, which are enough to start learning Tarot (but not enough for professionals who can add their own spreads), and two Tarot decks - Rider-White and Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot.

The software in use looks as below:

Download the Wise Tarot software v. 5.0c:

EXE file - 2,3 MB
The same in ZIP-archive - 2,25 MB

System requirements:
Windows any version, starting from Windows 95.

Demo version has no time limitation, just several features are switched off:
- new spread creation;
- input of a certain reading;
- printout.

Additional Tatot decks:

Cosmic Tribe deck
Ramzes deck
Pagan Tarot
Morgan-Greer deck
Decameron deck
Osho Zen Tarot


The price of the Wise Tarot software is $33.
Registration procedure is managed by Share-it company.
Follow the link below to get to the registration page:

Published: 15.05.2013 in the Software category