Qigong for Joints Treatment

Joints are one of the parts of the musculoskeletal system, from which the mobility of the whole body depends.

In the human body all the joints are divided by the type of compounds and the axes of rotation. There are the following types of joints:

The most robust connection is a seam. This compound is present in the bones of the skull. Despite the fact that some believe this compound is very solid and immobile, in fact the skull bones move in response to changes in intracranial pressure, as well as from changes in the external pressure. The older a person becomes and the less he pays attention to health, as well as the less his metabolic rate is, the more the mobility of the seam type joint begins to decrease, and eventually stops. As a result a person begins to feel all pressure drops literally by head. Persistent migraine every time the weather changes. In order for the mobility of the joints of the skull does not stop, a person should periodically compress and decompress his head by hands near temples.

The next connection is symphysis. This is transitional connection between the bones of the skeleton. Typically, this connection is present in the pubic bones, sacrum, ilium sternum. The compound is slightly movable, so in women pelvic bones can move apart during childbirth. However, with age, these connections are tightened and if in the course of life there were offsets of bones in the pelvis and sternum, it is reflected in the varying length of the legs or protrusion of the sternum. As a result, gait changes. And together with gait, because of communication of movements and internal states, the character begins to change. A man drags a leg a little, which causes a feeling that he carries all the work and responsibilities in the family. A feeling occurs that a person is not appreciated. Due to violations of the compounds of the sternum every breath sticks out sternum forward, a person becomes very sensitive and reacts to stimuli more than usual. He can become hysterical and irritable.

And the next compound is joint. This compound is the most mobile. Thanks to it, people move and actively interact with the world. The problem is that during the life a person gradually loses mobility of joints. This occurs for several reasons. Firstly, the food - we eat a hundred times more salt than is required by the body. The result - the accumulation of salts in liquid interarticular, and later at the edges of the joints. Then salt ossify, and the joint can not bend or unbend to the end. As a consequence - the joint begins to pass through a smaller amount of energy and begins a general weakening of the body and mind. If the joints become completely immobile, the energy stops flowing, and a person has it not enough not only for health but also for consciousness. Consciousness begins to slow down in thinking and perception, and in the short-term memory storage.

Joints are uniaxial, biaxial and multiaxial. The joint is able to conduct a flow of energy depending on the number of axes. The more axes of rotation has the joint, the more important node it is in energy system.

In all cases of limited joint mobility, daily development of the joints is recommended.

There is exercise in qigong, which maximizes the mobility of joints.

Qigong exercises for the treatment of joints

1. Starting position - the feet are shoulder width apart, parallel. Concentrate on the feet. The energy of the earth begins to move in through the centers of the feet.

stance feet are shoulder width apart

2. Concentrate on the ankles. Ankles begin to turn. Body weight moves alternately to the outer and inner parts of the feet. The energy rises to the ankles.

3. Concentrate on the knees. They rotate, and the energy rises to knees and starts to rotate in them. Body weight is always moving clockwise.

4. Concentrate on the hip joints. The body continues to rotate, the joints bend. The energy rises to the hip joints.

5. Concentrate on the wrists. Wrists begin to rotate. The energy through the palms begins to rise in the wrist. The lower part of the body continues to rotate.

6. Concentrate on the elbows. The elbows rotate. The energy rises to the elbows.

7. Concentrate on the shoulder joints. The shoulder joints rotate. Energy comes in the joints and twists there.

8. Concentrate on the spine. The whole spine starts to rotate. The energy moves from the feet and the hands into the spine. It starts to twist around each vertebra.

Due to this exercise all joints acquire mobility, and more energy passes through them. Exercise should be done for 4-5 minutes every day to achieve good mobility. The result should be an excess of energy.

Published: 29.12.2015 in the Self-Development category