Extrasensory Perceprion and Spiritual Development

multi-dimensional spaceIn this article we will talk about what is the mechanism of extrasensory perception, whether it makes sense to develop it, what is a "gift" and what it all has to do with spirituality. And to define the concept of "spirituality" will be not bad too.

The meaning of the word "extrasensory" - the perception outside the sensory capabilities of the physical world, which means outside the 4 dimensions of space-time available to our biological mind. The psychic uses his consciousness above the fourth measure and captures the received information with the mind, that is, he can translate it into physical images and words.

Therefore, speaking about the development of these abilities, we involve the ability to recognize and use the higher dimensions, and also, incidentally, the practice of the translation of multi-dimensional information into the four-dimensional language.

We are multidimensional beings. Modern physics operates the 4-dimensional Minkowski space, considering all higher dimensions as science fiction. Professor Zellner from Leipzig, whose works were highly appreciated by the Theosophical Society, hypothesized the existence of another spatial dimension other than time, i. e. postulated the 5th dimension. Talented aviation engineer Bartini, who gave a serious impetus to the development of astronautics, operated 6 dimensions in his calculations. The teachings of Hermes distinguishes seven levels of the human soul, which can be equated to seven bodies in occultism, and it gives us at least 7 dimensions. Finally, the well-known contemporary mystic Boris Monosov, referring to the teachings of Kabbalah, talks the 22 dimensions, in which people exist. But, without going into detail about the exact number, the idea of multidimensional person as part of a conversation about extrasensory perception can be considered working.

And if so, then what the development of psychic abilities we can talk about, when our consciousness is limited to the physical world? You can try to shake the consciousness, to drive it into a trance through meditation or change its state by psychedelic substances, in the hope that then it will capture a slice of a higher dimension, and it will be possible to remember and decipher it. This is possible and it works, but works by chance, at random. During this practice you can even find for yourself "working state", which is such a mood that allows consciousness to go beyond the usual boundaries. And this will be a beginner level of a psychic. But the abilities of such a psychic will be small and very unstable, they will depend on a thousand and one reasons, and they will be easily "cut off" by any diversion or withdrawal of psychological balance. These are beginners who often talk about information overlap.

Sometimes there are people whose consciousness stably and continuously perceives measurements of a higher level, or those who are able to activate such a perception at any time on request. Then we usually talk about "gift". It is not surprising that often "gift" is a result of near-death experiences or other sudden experience ejecting a person from the physical world and forcefully switching to another mode. But there are those who have "gift" appearing from childhood, without any threat to life. In many cases, people describe the "gift" as something external to themselves, big, exciting and surprising. But from the standpoint of view of the man as a multidimensional being, the "gift" - this is the man himself, his ability to understand himself at a higher level dimension, and grandeur and fantastic importance of this perception - it is a manifestation of our own properties in a multidimensional world.

There are psychic methods when working state of a practician allows him to communicate with a quite narrow area of the 5th (astral) dimension, where he can get in touch with a certain spirit or spirits, often deceased. This state practician finds spontaneously after the death of someone from relatives or traines by certain ritual procedures. In general, the emphasis on ritual - a sign of such a method of extrasensory perception, which for certainty can be called mediumistic. Another interesting feature of mediumship - the feeling that the picture is "shown" to the practician . This method should not be underestimated, it is a strong school that gives good results and allows to develop consciousness to the astral level. At this level we find concepts such as "the power of the genus" and "the hereditary gift". But this is binding, the dependence on spirit helpers, while the involvement of higher dimensions by consciousness allows to solve the same tasks independently, and thus provides more freedom.

Perception of the higher realms, sometimes short and random, often leads people to the creation of religious schools. The principles of these schools are the properties of a person in a multidimensional space. For example, one of the most popular religious schools - Christianity - calls love the main principle of spirituality. Indeed, people in higher dimension love, and even more so, they are love. And Christian novices as one start practicing love of neighbor, hoping thereby to achieve spirituality. But this practice will give no more spirituality than indigenous cargo cult, based on the simulation of the actions of the airport, will produce food. How can a man who does not know himself beyond the physical world, to love even on the astral level? No way, which rught-believing Christians show us during centuries of their contradictory history. The same applies to any other attempts to be "spiritual", reproducing the recognized spiritual qualities - love, kindness, forgiveness. These are only glimmers of the spiritual world, which have become dogmas, although intended to be methods. Love can be a method. If the love you feel something unearthly, if it elevates you, enrich, change - this method is right for you. And it is good that this love found at least once in the life of any person. But there are other methods. For some people fighting can be a method. In fighting you can also be multi-dimensional and note the apparent slowdown in the perception of physical time, it is noted by many fighters. The feat, courage - this is also the spiritual sphere. For some people the method is sex. But it is easy to get lost in this method, so it is better to be careful with it. Other posible methods are dance, physical labor, the practice of firewalking, and much more. Spirituality is huge, it is important to find own way to it.

And now, back to our extrasensory perception - can a person become spiritual by practicing only extrasensory perception? Such practice can provide some assistance. Getting used to work in a special mode of consciousness, cycling and developing the seldom-used area of the brain-mind, practicing trance states, we are creating conditions for realization of higher dimensions. But, certainly, it is little help. And besides, our own plans as a multi-dimensional beings can be different, where no extrasensory perception is implied. There is no need to force anything. ESP is natural function, manifesting at a certain stage of spiritual development, despite the fact that sometimes it appears in seemingly unspiritual people. This is the game of existence, Lila, and their abilities are needed in this game. But as the main purpose it would be better to consider finding own spiritual path.

Published: 18.12.2015 in the Self-Development category