Meditation from Scratch

Want to try to meditate, but do not know where to start? Try this very simple and yet effective meditation technique.

To meditate - it's easy. You do this often in everyday life. When you stand in a traffic jam, wait for a loved one from job, daughter from a nightclub... Sometimes you enter into an altered state while driving on a highway. When an hour feels like 20 minutes, or vice versa.
Watching a person standing still near a window, we say: "He is thinking". But it is meditation. Concentration of consciousness on a point with complete immobility of a body. Or spontaneous shutdown of mind. And it happened in your life too. Remember the silence in the first few seconds after a culmination in intimate contact. Or stopping of consciousness at time of a hangover. All these are different ways of entering into a state of meditation.
Everyone has innate ability to meditate. It needs to be developed. You go to a gym to maintain tone of a muscle system, run on a treadmill to train a cardiovascular system. Energy system, as a chain of channels and meridians, also needs loading. To train mind and emotions to be obedient and manageable. To clean and raise an internal energy, or chi. You can do all this with a power of thought. And having learned to guide body and internal organs with a power of thought, you will be able to manage life situations, your own destiny and karma.

The technology is simple and accessible:

I propose to start right now, because only 2 values in this world are true: energy and time! I will teach you not only to extend time, but also to increase your own chi energy many times! 1 hour of meditation prolongs life by 1 day. The arithmetic is simple: 1 hour of meditation per day after 1 year extends your life by 1 year. Only 4 basic exercises, and after 100 days your friends will ask, where you've had such a good rest. A year later night dream will be reduced to 5 hours and the number of kilocalories consumed to 500.

Sit straight on a chair. Visualize a hollow tube extending through the body: crown, chest, abdomen, perineum. Channel from infinity to infinity. Lift up yourself mentally over it and slowly sink inward with your consciousness, as in a well.

This process can be compared with a dip during diving. Deeper and deeper. Leave thoughts on a surface as foam. And let them slip by without clinging to mind. When you reach the navel, stop and visualize a red ball of fire in the halfway from the navel to the spine.

chi central channel

Try to hold an image of a red ball, mentally clenching and unclenching it until you start feeling heat in the stomach. Then slowly lift the ball in the chest area. Relax neck and shoulders as much as possible. Paint the ball with a golden glow. Continue clenching and unclenching. As soon as feeling of distension and fullness in the chest appears, lift the ball in the center of the brain. Now paint it white. White pulsating sphere in the head creates a feeling of euphoria and grace. Lower the ball in the area of the chest, changing color to golden, and then in the belly area, making it red.

Repeat visualization of a ball moving through the central channel 10 to 30 minutes. Quiet relaxing music may be helpful.

Question: what do I get meditating this way, or some other way, every day?

Answer: excellent immunity, and as a result - your health; increased ability to work; good sleep and stress tolerance; strengthening of an energy system and bio-field; the state of love; activation of creativity; getting answers to life's questions; problem solving, development of extraordinary abilities such as healing by hands, third eye, mind control - yours and other people's, levitation, etc.; change of karma and exit from reincarnation circle of Samsara...

Olga Gomon

Published: 11.04.2015 in the Self-Development category