Maya Mandala about Proper Nutrition: Listen to Yourself First

Maya Mandala (Kuritsina) is an author of the increasingly popular technique of the sacred dance with the same name - Mandala. In this interview she shares her experience of how to feel the principles of proper nutrition from the inside, not falling under the power of dogmas and diets.

- Maya, today there are so many ideas, sciences, concepts of how to feed right. The choice is rather complicated. How can women come into harmony with their bodies? How to feed right, but do not blame yourself, even if you want something harmful?

Maya Mandala- I also tried many diets, there were many stories when I considered the food right and wrong. Over time, I began to listen more to my body, its rhythms and cycles. I began to listen and to feel what I should eat and what should not. I based not on the opinion of "right and wrong", but on the state of internal sensation and harmony, attunement with my body. The goal is not to be its enemy, but to make friends with it.
How to hear the inner voice and the rhythms of the body? You have to be attentive. Some food gives energy and lightness, and some weights. When there is attention, when there is watching, then I know which food is well digested. Then I feel great. But if the food is very heavy, takes long time to digest - I am drawn to sleep.
Again: the moment of internal research and attention is important. It is important that the study did not happen because of fear ("What happens to me when I eat something or do not eat something?"), you need to "catch" the feeling when the body and mind relax. There is no need to fight with yourself. You should listen to what gives energy and lightness, and vice versa. Just relax more in this.

- Please tell us about the practice. Why after practice most women come to vegetarianism? Why those women, who could not give up meat, blame themselves for it? Is it right to force yourself to become a vegetarian?

- I do not support the judgment of "right and wrong." Any judgment leads to a fight, it is better to relax as much as possible and experience the stage where you are. That is, if there is a desire to eat meat - then it is OK to relax and to eat meat, but watch yourself and move into practice: into dance, into meditation. And observe the changes. If we change our lives, our habits, the tastes also changes. A more subtle vibrations bring into our lives more subtle tastes of food.
Everything should be done in a natural way. When you are more relaxed and connected, then everything happens naturally and harmoniously. Then the body does not overeat. The body has wisdom. Now, if we trust the body, then we will feel, what elements and what vitamins are needed.

- What if this body wants chocolate in the middle of the night?

- Excellent! Enjoy chocolate. Give yourself the experience of acceptance, love and pleasure. More love for all.

- And what to do in a state of stress? When you do not understand what is happening and just seize up the stress with that what is handy?

- In a situation of stress it is important to give yourself time and space to calm down in a way that you know works for you. If it's a deep, difficult situation - refer to specialists, visit those seminars, which help to deal with such situations.
When under stress you tend to "seize it up" - bring awareness to this process. Try to switch yourself on other activities, use mild practices, breathing practices. No need to create more stress and use active, dynamic practices - you need to take care of youself at this moment.

- And tell us please how you yourself came to vegetarianism? Was it some kind of a special moment?

- For me it happened naturally, by the age of sixteen or seventeen. In those days no one has talked about practices, yoga, vegetarianism. I already knew a lot. When eating meat products, I as if saw all the experiences of the animal, I could feel what was happening to it when it was killed. It was so bad and hard to experience it, that I stopped eating meat. This is my spiritual process. Then I experimented with food. I tried to cook new dishes, which did not exist in our cuisine. I created dishes that I liked the taste.

- Maybe you could share some recipes?

Maya Mandala (Kuritsina)- You know, I cook spontaneously. I proceed from what products I have at home. I become like a home master-chef. This inner chef says that now it is necessary to do so, here are the ingredients to mix. I never write recipes. When you have an inner master chef, why write recipes?
I, unfortunately, often do not like to eat in public places, because very few people cook with love. There is no feeling of lightness in the food. Here is vegetarian salad - but it is some kind of empty. And the soup is vegetarian - but it is somehow not filled, tasteless, or very heavy. I think this is due to the condition of the person who cooks. That is so, how he relates to products, what is his state, his frame of mind. Because if a person is joyful, easy, then the food is the same. If he is sad and heavy, this energy is transferred into the food. Or cook is not filled with love, empty inside. Accordingly, those products which he touches, will be filled with the same energy.

- What can you say about a raw food diet? Today it is assumed that it is a more natural diet. However, not everybody agree with it, and not everybody is able to it.

- I repeat that it depends on your inner unity. If switching to a raw food diet occurred naturally through practices - that is one thing. And if it's just because of the idea that it is right and necessary, then it is not entirely correct. My approach is to listen to yourself, to understand where you are. Rush is not necessary, it is important to experience the process that is happening to you right now.
If we practice, manifest through different forms of creativity - our state of mind, state of the body becomes lighter and, of course, we want lighter, more delicate tastes. But this can happen naturally, do not force yourself to it.

When I just started practicing Mandala, then at some point I stopped eating at all, drank juices only. Any food was very hard for me. Even fruits and vegetables! There were changes in the vibrations, in the energy of my body. When it was necessary to communicate with people, the difference between our states was felt very strongly, the contrast was felt. I saw it and realized that if I want to share my knowledge, experience, then I need to change something. I started eating normally - not because I felt hungry, but to enter the frequency in which people usually live.
With the raw food diet, as with any other food, the main thing is that there should be no struggle, no separation from the body, from desires, from feelings. It is important in any situation not to judge anything that happens, not to condemn any state of mind and consciousness.

- It turns out that the perfect recipe is practices and to listen to yourself? And no diets?

- First, listen to yourself, and then make conclusions from what you have heard. No need to run and chase after something new. Answers are deep inside. It is important to accept yourself, all aspects, all states. Give yourself the opportunity to open up, to heal yourself, to transform, to go to creativity. Relax and let your inner light shine at last!

Interviewed by Olga Tatarkina for Vegetarian Journal (original).

Published: 06.03.2016 in the Self-Development category