Karma as a Phenomenon of Entanglement

Quantum physics for a long time and successfully operates with such a term as entanglement of the particles. The point of it is that two elementary particles with a common history may be subtly interconnected, and in the future their state will instantly affect each other regardless of the distance between them. Looking ahead, I note that the entanglement of particles retains after the vanishing of one of them, and may be even "inherited" - in physics it is called "entanglement with replacement", when the characteristics of the first particle the second passes to the third, while the first may be already absorbed (if it is photon), i.e. ceased to exist.

Another important observation - reproduction of the entanglement effect on a significant scale is most easily achieved by using organic substances.

Experimental confirmation of the phenomenon of "spooky action at a distance," as Einstein called it, inspired flight of fancy of physicists who saw in it the possibility of instantaneous data transfer and even teleportation. But equally, and perhaps even more interesting are esoteric analogies that are literally inescapable. Laws of subtle relationships between people can be wonderfully described using terms proposed by physicists! Judge for yourself:

karmic connectionPeople with a common history of physical or other field interaction are linked, and often very strong. Such a connection, without going deeply into details, esotericism calls "karma". There are various options how this relationship occurs and manifests.

One of the strongest connections is cognate. Here, the physical interaction of people in the past was deepest, and the degree of "entanglement" with relatives is highest, up to familiar to many observational people phenomena of telepathy and communication with the dead through vivid dreams or through the perception of signals coming from them in waking hours. It is necessary to clarify that entanglement likely regards such a subtle field structure as soul or consciousness, not the material carrier, so it persists after the cessation of physical life of one of the persons. Moreover, it remains after gaining a new material carrier, i. e. after the new incarnation. In this context the term "karmic connection" is used most often.

Cognate connection - is not only a connection of parents and children or brothers and sisters, it is also a connection of spouses, and in a broader sense - of sexual partners, even one-night. As a minimum, in sexual contact occurs close physical interaction with the participation of the field structure of human (consciousness), and presumably it also creates entanglement or connection. Overgrowing with such connections significantly increases the degree of field entanglement, which spiritual teachings consider as the opposite of freedom, and so they tend to strictly regulate sexual activity.

There are other types of deep interaction capable of creating entanglement of consciousnesses (souls) or karmic connection. One example is violence. Esoteric schools practice initiation rituals that under the proposed point of view, too, can be interpreted as a creation of entanglement with the field of a school. And sympathetic magic, too, is aimed at nothing but using of entanglement of a person with some object, one way or another associated with him - a photo, a doll, blood, etc.

As a result, from this point of view human consciousness seems to be overgrown with incredible heap of entanglements, and the ability to operate freely and independently drastically reduces. After all, each individual action affects all objects which person is entangled with, and inertia can pull quite in the other direction and get in the way of own actions. So, spiritual development implies the elimination of interfering entanglements, with preserving the most important and deliberately chosen.

Disengagement from karmaDisengagement from entanglements is a complex problem solved in different ways. Some schools practice prolonged isolation, basing on the observation that the majority of entanglements of current life terminate by themselves during a number of years. Others use active work with the past, which allows to destroy the entanglement by the initiation associated with its inception cathartic experiences. In addition, spiritual seekers have to be watchful not to create new entanglements in place of old, therefore there are rules and regulations.

But the choice of method is the next question, in this article I just wanted to touch a possible and quite unexpected explanation for the famous, but rather vaguely outlined esoteric phenomena. If this view will find confirmations (and how to find them, it is necessary to think still), it is possible that it will deepen the understanding of the proposed spiritual practices and allow to develop them or to invent new, more effective. It looks much better than wandering in the wilds of esoteric blindly.

Published: 06.03.2015 in the Self-Development category