The Power of Hair


Woman with long hairHair is, in a way, a mechanism that helps a person to grow spiritually and to maintain moral qualities.
It may sound strange, but hairs of men and women are two different mechanisms that act in different ways.
If man's hair serves as a receiver, then woman's plait is an accumulator.
In old times the longer was a plait of a girl - the wiser she was considered.
The Vedas describe girl's hair as a place where a good supply of feminine energy accumulates. It was believed that the shorter a woman's plait is - the less power, goodness, love, affection and wisdom is in her heart.
There are many descriptions telling how long loose women's hair saved whole cities from the onslaught of invaders.
In addition, it was a certain austerity for women because care for long hair requires some considerable effort.
Only woman's husband could touch and contemplate her loose hair. Touching of another man meant insult, followed by an inevitable punishment, sometimes even death. After husband's death the wife completely cut off her plait.
Women in ancient times never went in public with loose hair. The hair was braided and put under headdress.
When a girl fell into a stressful or any difficult situation, or problem took a lot of effort from her, she was always calm and balanced thanks to a plait. It is always an additional accumulated psychic energy.

Secrets of Power

- The longer the hair of a woman, the more it can affect others.
- Minimum length should be till the middle of the blades, the place of Anahata chakra.
- As long as the hair did not grow enough, you have to gather them behind and tie with a long ribbon, so that its tips would reach the blades.
- The most powerful hairstyle is a plait.
- Flame-red hair coloring enhances the masculine energy.
- Parting in the middle balances the energy state. This hairstyle harmonizes the movement of energy in the body of a woman.
- Side parting for a woman should be left only. That is, the main mass of hair is combed to the left (female) side.
- Clean-combed hair helps to concentrate on a desired goal.
- The child's first haircut should be after one year.
- Hair should not be thrown. It should be gathered into a clew and burned.

Each person's hair keeps his energy, so it is associated with many ancient magical rites and ceremonies. Long well-groomed hair still symbolize health, strength, powerful energy. The length of the hair influences person's relationship with the subtle worlds, the opportunity to reach out to the otherworldly creatures and to get even more vitality. Bioenergy has long ago recognized that the hair keeps not only energy, but also all the stress, anger and aggression. To lose this negative energy is possible when our hair is being cut, some negativity goes along with it, making it possible to fill life with positive emotions and joyful events. Even psychologists advise those who are stuck in the band of failures and disappointments, to make a new hairstyle, to cut the hair. Our ancestors also believed that, cutting the hair, we change our destiny. And hair has to be burned after a haircut, so foes were not able to use it with bad intentions. Even cut or fallen hair liaises with the former owner, and the destiny can be influenced through it. We need to carefully look after hair, comb it and protect from the negative effects.

When combing, it is useful to think about something pleasant, positive, for example, about your cherished dream. This procedure will fill you with energy and give powers for the implementation of plans. When another person combs you (for example, this can not be avoided when you are in the barbershop), try to carry on a laid-back conversation with hairdresser, make sure he does not feel hostility to you. You should feel respect and love to hair, do not be lazy to maintain its health and look after it. Very important is hair washing process. It helps to get rid of the negativity that has accumulated in it over the past few days. If you stand under the shower, make sure that the hair is washed uniformly, do not try to quickly clean it with shampoo, just stay, referring to the water with a request to pick up all your troubles and turmoil. After washing, do not rush to dry the hair with dryer, wrap head with a towel, relax and wait for a few minutes.

Hair Color

As long as the world exists, women of all nations repainted their hair in different colors, and as it turned out, these actions were always talking about their desire for change in their own lives. In folk legends there is often a description of beautiful mermaids which have long beautiful green hair - the color of nature and of life itself, changeable and inconsistent. Therefore, green hair on the one hand talks about the natural harmony of its owner, and on the other - indicates an unpredictable temper. Unnatural hair color talks about unusual traits or reprehensible human passions.

If a person follows the fashion of red hair, red strands or red tips - so he has something demonic, especially when dark hair is tinted in red. The red color in this case says about the challenge, temperamental and explosive nature of its owner. Getting along with such people is not easy, as they love to shock the audience, to act in defiance of social norms and entrenched tastes, even when they themselves suffer from it in the first place.

Golden hair - an indispensable attribute of fairy princesses and other beauties. Goldilocks may be humble and arrogant, moody and forgiving, but they are always inaccessible, and therefore desirable. Men seek their love, commit all sorts of feats and recklessness for them. Owning a golden-haired beauty - the main award for the hero for standing tests. Therefore, golden hair in first is a symbol of dignity and courage, luck and excellent health.

Colourful hair talks about striving for diversity, the unexpected happy changes, both in material and in personal life. But diversity of colors hinders to distinguish important from unimportant in the confusion of colors and events. So disappointments occur so often.

It is believed that if a woman has decided to lighten up, it means that she was tired of making important decisions. She wants to feel weak, lean on a man's shoulder. The stronger sex is known to prefer blondes, but women with such natural hair color are not so much. But are blondes really so careless, as they say about them? Of course not. Blonde ladies are very reserved, they have developed intuition. In addition, they often have mathematical mind, but surroundings usually do not notice this because blondes wear the mask of carelessness and ease. Blond hair symbolize resistance, and it is necessary to consider for those girls who have decided to become a blonde.

Those who decided to repaint in black, often lack control over their own lives. These ladies really want autonomy in decision-making. They are tired of looking around at others and want to become the mistresses of their words and deeds. But, repainted in black, some notice that it became difficult to negotiate, to compromise. Almost always longing and dissatisfaction is hidden under the color brightness. Brunettes more often appeal to psychologists. They are treated as fatal, mysterious women. But they break the hearts of men not from violence but from self-doubt. Black color may be chosen by those who desire to bring into everyday life a little bit of efficiency and independence.

Brown hair color refers to harmony and balance. Ladies with brown hair are mysterious, but it is difficult to call them fatal. This color is suitable for those who longs for comfort and cosiness. On the personal front owners of brown hair can expect success - they become wonderful wives and mistresses.

Dark blond: probably the most common color.
The desire to repaint hair in dark blond talks about longing for naturalness. Fair-haired people are calm and practical. They should avoid routine and boredom, then their life will be more harmonious. Ladies with dark blond hair are good psychologists, they know how to listen, so they are often addressed for advice. Owners of dark blond hair are usually happy in marriage.

Red color gives independence. The bodies of people born with red hair generate less anti-stress hormone - it is proved. This fact explains their active and sometimes not very balanced character. Red people like changes, dynamics and adventures. Those who want to have this hair color may not have enough of something special. However, it is important to remember that the fiery hue can push on not quite adequate behavior, which surprises friends and acquaintances. Unreserve, impulsiveness, desire to turn everything on its head - the lot of red. Those who's ready for it can easily repaint.

Best Time for Haircut

To do something with hair - means to make changes in your life, so when you have everything adjusted, do not thoughtlessly repaint hair or change hairstyle. Conversely, if you are unhappy with the way things are going, if you are bored of the monotony, if you feel tired and frustrated - begin changes from your own hair. This is the simple, safe and inexpensive way to make the world change.

The Moon has a huge influence on the condition of hair. Therefore it is recommended to get a haircut, paying attention to the lunar phases. Thus, hair, cut at the waning Moon, will grow more slowly, but its roots will strengthen and tips will not be split. During the new Moon and the full Moon it's better to avoid haircut. And at the waxing Moon you can easily change the hairstyle - hair will grow back quickly.

Monday is a bad day for beginnings, postpone the visit to hairdresser if possible.
Haircut on Tuesday will bring an important event in the life and attract the right person.
Going to hairdresser on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday promises good luck.
To cut hair on Friday - to changes.
On Sunday it is better to avoid haircut.

Hair and Magic

Which magic rituals better work out for blondes? Should brunettes work with the money magic? Who will be more adept in household magic - red-haired or brown-haired?

Brunette WitchBrunettes are bright, domineering, color of hair gives them the freedom and waywardness, they are the center of events and attention. They love humor, sharpness of mind, intrigue. Remarkably, if this is your natural color. Its magic you can only underline. But to move to black hair color from natural light is undesirable. This can lead to the fact that it will suppress your natural qualities. Brunettes are very good in love rituals, but the money magic or healing practice is problematic for them.

Red have high sensitiveness, bright temperament, very often prone to infidelity and new hobbies. Red color indicates a light nature, a moderate sense of humor, penchant for true friendship. It has long been believed that the red-haired woman is a witch, as natural color of her hair is the color of fire. But fire does not mean hell. Because of this erroneous opinion relation to the red-haired left much to be desired. And the owners of this hair color are best in working with the peaceful ritual magic - the household magic, healing spells.

Blondes - how far they are from that folly, which they are attributed in the jokes. They are practical persons, often prone to compromise in order to achieve their goals. Blondes like no one are capable of infinite love for children. In magic they are good with money rituals, healing. But for them it's better not to enter into the love magic and astrology.

Brown-haired - the natural representatives of this color have strong sense of nature - earth and trees. Brown-haired women are very sociable, friendly, but as a rule, they rarely change their minds and achieve their goals by all means. In the magical deeds they should be careful - everything is available for them, many things come out very quickly, but thanks to their inherent spontaneity are not brought to its logical conclusion. Easily flying into a tantrum from resentment, brown-haired may harm the offender, and later will regret. It is not good for them to delve into the magic of the cemetery.

To send a spell upon someone, there is nothing better than a strand of hair of the victim. A bunch of magic rituals is associated with hair - it is possible to put a damage, causing harm to the victim's cut hair. On the other hand, having a lock of hair, it is possible to secure a good attitude on the part of its host. And that's how appeared the romantic tradition of the Middle Ages - wearing a strand of hair of the beloved in a medallion.

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