Shamanic Energy Return Technique

This technique was first published by the follower of "Dreamhackers" esoteric group, known as gm. Despite the fact that this technique is not fundamentally new, nevertheless it is explained quite simply and clearly, and may be useful for those who works with the past.

Here is a retelling of the conversation with one shaman (OWC - Old Wild Cat), which I was a witness. He talked about the technique for lost energy return. I will write from his point of view, it is more convenient to me, but it is by no means a citation.

shamanic energy return"You strain after people because you do not have enough energy. In fact, you do not need their energy. You are looking for your energy. But you're barking up the wrong. You need your own energy, which can be found in the warehouse of the past.

We leave a lot of energy in the past and in the future, and in the present we become weaker.

When we are looking forward for some event, greatly desire something, we send our energy into the future. When an event occurs, we feel joy - this is due to the fact that at this point we meet our energy sent into the future. But then joy passes, the energy spent, and again it is not with us, but remains in the past. So this is the worst option: you deprive yourself this amount of energy even before the event occurred. If anyway you wish something, it is better to put energy into the intentions and actions to achieve the goal, than into the desire and dreams.

And, of course, we leave a lot of energy in the routine of life due to our emotional distress.

How to return own energy from the past:

Lie down, relax and look for a zone of discomfort. This can be a discomfort in the body, emotions, some heaviness, pain, inconvenience. Then you ask, what event or chain of events match this discomfort, and transfer yourself in a memory into the place where it happened - in the present. I.e. you get in present in the place where the necessary event happened in past. If the house is destroyed, your energy will be on the trees, stones, etc., which are in that place. Then you walk in this place. You are not interested in people and things that are there, you do not try to recall, but look with your eyes for your energy. It will be something abandoned, forgotten, but yours. It may be in the form of clouds, web, dry grass tufts or leaves. You collect all this, fold into a ball, put on your solar plexus and breathe into youself. Or another option: you take the cup of a certain shape, put in it all these things, and the shape of the cup helps to make energy having no qualities. Then you drink it out of the bowl. The shape of the bowl everybody should find himself in a dream.

When you see a bunch of your energy, you can see what a specific event, what emotions it contains. Once you have used this energy (inhale, drink), this event loses emotional intensity for you, become indifferent, and it can be thrown into a warehouse of history. And the rise you feel not immediately, but after a few days, when the energy becomes assimilated in you. Then you will feel a real burst of energy.

By this technique we do not destroy the connection between the events, i.e. chain of events remains in place, but is already devoid of energy. From all appearances, Castaneda's techniques in conjunction (recapitulation, erasing personal history, etc.) destroy the connections between events also, making you completely free. Energy return technique does not do this and do not guarantee the full energy return, perhaps only 80 percent. But, in fact, even if we return at least 30 persent of wasted energy, we would have felt a significant burst of energy, euphoria.

With this technique, you can fight the fourth enemy of the man of knowledge - old age. At this time, we have nowhere to get energy, except of returning from our own past".

gm's comment:
Once I discovered that people encountered there are entangled with web too. When I took it off, my feelings towards such a person severely weakened. If my communication with a person was not long, after removing the web I became internally indifferent to him at all.

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