Energies of Your House. Rituals for Cleaning and Protection.

If you started to feel uncomfortable or not cozily in your own house, then it is time to carry out an energy cleaning.

Quarrels, envious guests or just passing detractors may bring energetical dirt into your house, so it then takes peace away and instills worry into your soul, disturbes your sleep at night.

Here are some most simple and easy techniques, rituals, that will help you to eliminate the negative. You will definitely feel the difference.

house clearing1st method

First take ordinary salt. It is used to absorb negative energy. Pour salt into a lot of different salt shakers, or you can simply fill in the ordinary glasses.

Arrange them in all corners wherever possible: on shelves, on household appliances, on windowsills... In general, where the soul wants.

Let salt stay for 3 days, and then pour it into the lavatory. Then light a church candle, walk around the apartment, especially illuminate the corners, where negative energy is accumulated the most.

After that make wet cleaning (you can also add salt to water), be sure to wash mirrors, because it is not enough to wipe them with a dry cloth - in this case energy is not washed off and stays in place.

2d method

Take 5 small onions, clean them out, hang in different places, pierce each onion with thick needle with red thread (red thread always serves protective purposes) and tie thread around the onion. After seven days, remove the onions and put each on a separate sheet of paper, salt them good and then burn them.

After this ritual negative energy will leave your house.

Light church candles in the house more often: flame of a candle attracts all negative, and the tip of the flame burns all this energetical dirt mercilessly.

3d method

Buy candles in a church (the best are honey candles, they burn longer), calculating that you will burn them for 3 days (a candle for each room). At dawn put a candle in each room (put it in a glass with salt, so it will not fall, and this salt can be used afterwards). If there is no door between rooms, you can put one candle for 2 rooms. Toilet, pantry also need a candle.

This ritual is held 1 time per month.

You can also use garlic or onion from time to time - they scare off dark entities from another world. Just take a couple of cloves of garlic, hang a garland in a corner of the room, so that strangers cannot see it. A week later, just take this garland and throw out. Optionally, you can repeat the procedure. Very easy, simple and effective.


You can also fumigate the house: take St. John's wort or thistle twig, dry it, set fire from a church candle and fumigate the room with a smoke, do not forget to look even into small pantries. In the rooms walk crosswise (from corner to corner). Such fumigation of the apartment can be carried out with heather also.

Energy in a house

magic rithualTo find out what energy is in your house, do some different observations: in a house with good energy spilled water dries up slowly, flowers in vases do not wither for a long time, metal objects are cool to the touch, and wooden a warm a bit.

In dark houses fallen coin does not ring, milk turns sour quickly, hot meal cools soon, salt dissolves in water instantly, the butter melts so quick that you can see it, candles smoke, their fire rushes on and off.

Good way of checking energy in the house is using pendulum. It can be done from any small heavy object - silver, copper or crystal. The main thing is that it should be yours only! Check the place, asking: "Is it good place?". Rocking back and forth means "yes", from side to side - "no". Gradually move away from the dirty place and determine its borders.

Do not put books in the negative places, they immediately absorb all the negative and then transfer it to the owner.

In places with a strong negative energy you can put the pieces of aspen, oak, birch and spruce - they absorb this energy. Maple, wild cherry, rowan, hazel and juniper can even convert it into positive. Pieces of wood need to be changed periodically.

It is also good to put a glass of water into the negative place, and in the morning pour it out over the threshold. You can put egg into water (it takes over the negative) or silver object.

Free yourself from things that you do not need. If you do not use a thing over a year then you do not need it on energy level, then why keep this energy trash? Throw it away without regret.

In the old days there was a ritual: people hang old shoes on the fence, someone else's sight was clinging to them, and they took the first "hit" of possible negative energy. And in a city apartment you can hang woven sandals (mascot) in the hallway on the wall.

Just remember: a house or an apartment - it is not just a place, where we go after work to eat and drink, but it is our living space, our territory! It reflects us, and we reflect it. We charge it with our energy, and it charges us. Not for nothing is said: "My house - my castle", "At home even walls help." Get rid of the junk accumulated over the years, disassemble blockages and leave the past. And live only in present, here and now.

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