Rituals for Raising Money

Money bath.

Brew a teaspoon of cinnamon and four tablespoons of parsley with five cups of water. Add a cup of this potion in the bath with water, saying thus:

"Money flows as golden river and remains with me forever!"

5 times completely plunge into the bath, then for 8 minutes just lie down in the water, concentrating on improving your financial well-being. After the bath, do not wipe, let the body dry out the natural way.

For better results, you need to take such a bath for 5 consecutive days, each time adding a cup of potion, which must be stored in your refrigerator in a jar with a screw lid.

Money Jar.

Prepare for this ritual a pen and paper, a square jar with a screw lid, seven coins and bay leaf.
Write on the sheet of paper the amount of money you need and put it into the jar. Take 7 coins in your dominant hand and put down into the jar.

Dropping coin for coin, imagine how they turn into quite a substantial sum. And pronounce:

"Coins jingle, coins shine! More and more of them are mine! I get income from sudden places, at my account money stays!"

Now take the bay leaf and write your name on its reverse side, then place it into the same jar. Tighten the lid and put the jar in a secluded place, where no one except of you will see it.

Add every day 1-2 coins into the jar. At the same time, imagine how you receive the money from where you did not expect them.

After requested amount is received, be sure to remove the paper from the jar and bury (in the street, in the garden, in a flowerpot).

Money Tea.

There is a very effective and at the same time a fairly simple ritual to attract money. To do this you will need: tea, a transparent cup, honey, a simple pencil (necessarily new), and a sheet of green paper.

Brew tea in a transparent cup and add a teaspoon of honey. Place the cup on a green sheet of paper and stir tea with a new pencil in a clockwise direction during exactly 1 minute, thinking about the amount of money you need, what you will gain with this money and how it will be delighted. Then pull out the sheet of paper from under the cup and write on it with a pencil this: "The money will come". Drink tea and hide the sheet in your purse and do not remove during the year.

money magic ritual

Spell for the Money.

First you need to buy a green purse (better gilded) and prepare the following items: a round mirror, 3 yellow coins (better old) and a thin strip of wood. Keep these items within three hours in a crystal jar, whispering such spell:

"As the leaves on the tree, so the coin is multiplied in the reflection. Amen. Amen. Amen."

Then remove these items from the jar and put into one of the partitions of the green purse for a long time.

Urgent Money.

Pour water into a glass, and put there a coin (the greater value - the better), previously cleaned. Next, moving a finger on this water, read the following spell 3 times in a row (stressed vowels are marked in capital letters):

am sirIm gal ira
zil hamIs ri binA
li midrA hamIn lisAt
abi ami gza

Then drink this water together with your household (enough to all), and hide the coin in a secluded place, and the money will come.

Spell to Receive the Money.

Prepare a green candle, basil powder and vegetable oil. Write on the candle your name and the amount of money you need quickly. Lubricate the entire candle with vegetable oil and roll it in basil powder. Light a candle, saying thus:

"Money comes, money grows, money moves into my purse!"

The Ritual on the Wick of the Candle to Attract Money.

This ritual should be carried out only on the waxing moon. To do so, pull out a wick from a new candle, take it exactly in the middle, and set on fire simultaneousely at both ends (be careful not to burn your fingers). It is necessary to say on the burning wick as quickly as possible:

"Fire is eternal, and my spirit is marked with gold, silver and all good things. Amen."

After this, the wick should be immediately extinguished and put in a purse or pocket. This magic wick you should carry with you always.

The Ritual for Having a Lot of Money.

This spell is read on the New Moon, on a clear starry night. It is necessary to open the window and count the stars in the sky. Once you lose count, wash yourself with previously prepared spring water and say: "As the stars I can not count, so the money I can not re-count. Amen."

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