How to Protect Yourself from Ill-Wishers

Of course, the best way is not to respond to the gossips and intrigues. And even better - to rejoice, what a bright and original person you are, because only life of "gray mice" is not interesting to anybody. But if vicious glances and whispering behind your back do not give rest, spoil the mood and deprive of sleep - there are several simple magic tricks.

Needle Ritual

Please note that they will not cause any harm to the health of ill-wishers, but will help to stop the flow of negative talk in your address.

1. Put a gray thread into a needle. Draw schematically a face of gossip(s) on a piece of paper. Write names at the top. And right across the paper sew their mouth with large stitches. Ask your imaginary foe(s) not to talk too much, explain that it disturbs. Promise that you yourself will never say anything bad about these people. Then, burn the image on a candle and wash the ashes down the toilet.

2. Buy a red candle. Write the name of your ill-wisher, who intrigues and gossips about you, on a blank sheet nine times. Then cross out every inscription separately with an ordinary pen. Put a candle directly onto the sheet and burn it a little every day during a week (7 days). Sit close when the candle burns - think that fire destroys all the machinations, enmity, clears your name. The remains of the candle and the paper after 7 days take out of the house and throw (the best way is to bury them into the ground or to put into the flowing water).

And remember: if people talk behind your back, then you are ahead. Smile to gossips serenely and good luck!

Published: 17.02.2016 in the Magic category