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Magicians can often hear that they are obliged, owe something to somebody. And they hear it from people who they see for the first time. But let me ask, when they have became your debtors, and what do they owe? The answer will come immediately: "You have a gift! You must help other people, for free!" I wonder who have presented to magicians those abilities which you call "gift"? So this article is for those who think that abilities are gift, and a person with abilities is a humanity's eternal debtor.

Inside Look

spiritual developmentMagic is primarily a characteristic of spiritual development, which includes working on the consciousness, body, mind, soul, alteration of worldview and attitudes in society. And finally it builds up a certain behavior system, which is almost opposite to the conventional one. The term "behavior system" includes not only the etiquette and morality, but also a way of life when the magician does not allow himself to destroy and pollute the area where he lives (and it is the whole universe), neither with garbage, nor with negative thoughts and emotions, nor moreover with destructive actions. A magician needs several years to reveal these abilities, and sometimes to be trained by specialists (spiritual teachers), who are at a higher level than he is at the moment. And a magician pays for teaching out of his own pocket. Someone needs a little more time to develop, someone a little less, but anyway it is a hard working on oneself, which requires not only making all the efforts, but also devoting much time to development. But that's not all, exactly the same time and effort is needed for maintaining their "level" of purity and energy, not to mention the fact that more time is required to improve the acquired skills. Now, as I understand, the next question is ripe about those who are already born with developed abilities... These people went through all the above in their previous incarnations and deservedly gained the abilities by working hard on themselves, to be born now at a higher level and continue to improve further. Usually the magician becomes a vegetarian or even refuses to eat, not only out of mercy and love to animals, but also in order to raise vibrations, which will strengthen his abilities. He refuses alcohol, because it lowers vibrations, and smoking, that pollutes the environment. Many magicians exclude sexual relations from their lives in order not to spray the energy, spend a lot of time in meditation, and as a result the intention to become even better takes 24 hours a day. Yes, all the 24 hours, because the magician works even in a state of mind that people call dream. This can be lucid dreams, astral projections and memories of past incarnations. And all that is mentioned above is only a very brief description of reality.

Now let's look at lifestyle of standard behavior system. Person spends time and energy at work, which gives him money, entertains himself, takes, in his opinion, pleasure drinks, eats animals, satisfies his sexual needs, spends his time on TV, movies, entertainment and communication with folks. And at the same time, he does not even think about working on himself. These are just basic human occupations, although there are many more. And if we summarize this comparison, we can say the following: a person spends his time on what he likes, while a magician spends it on something that brings benefit. Of course, an external observer would say that magicians have no obligation to work on themselves, but they are not obliged to work for humanity around the clock, spending time and energy on everybody, and moreover for free. These are their time and their forces, why should they spend them on unfamiliar people? Spend them to work in the office, fingering paper, or to provide psychic (magical) services to people - it is their personal choice. You do not work for other people, if it is not paid, only because you can do it. Right? So why do you demand it from others?

Desire to Help Others

woman magicianAs the matter of fact, it is the most ridiculous reason that supposedly could lead a person into the magic... In fact, you can help not being a magician: donating money to charities or to build animal shelters, working as a volunteer for free to search for missing people or to visit lonely veterans, becoming an artist, who conducts free holidays in orphanages, or a doctor, who does his job properly. And, in the end, helping elderly woman to cross the street or removing a cat from a tree. There are a lot of methods! People who say that they "became magicians" because they want to help others, are in fact charlatans. And believe me, returning home after reception of customers, thee will pass with downcast eyes the disabled, that beg for food, and will pretend not to hear on the side a moaning of a dying kitten hit by a car.

A real magician came on the spiritual path for his own development and acquisition of perfection, he provides services to people only out of curiosity and to gain experience. A real magician rejected feeling of pity, because he knows that pity is not a part of the concept of humanity and is only a feeling of superiority. Sorry for the people is just indulgence of own ego and looks like: "I feel sorry for him, because his life is not as good as mine". A magician knows that each person can develop one's abilities to his level and thereby help oneself. As a result, a person who applies to a magician for help pays primarily for unwillingness to develop, and in the case of the predictions for the future - for his own curiosity. But a magician decides to help or not to help a person considering two criteria: firstly, if he sees that person will make conclusions from what has happened to him and understand the true reason of the problem, that will push him, a client, to work on oneself and never do what caused the problem. Secondly - it is curiosity and experience. In fact, a lot of different people come to a magician, but most of them carry the same problems that meet their life goals: love, money and, rarely, health. And so on every day... monotonous work is boring, right? And a magician, who owes nothing to nobody, will prefer to devote time to his own development rather than to "re-read the same book" hundreds of times. But sometimes people come to reception having such a life situation that will interest a magician. I will not describe what it may be, every magician has his own preferences. And right for the reasons given above, a magician after a couple of years of working with people already has a selective approach to his clients, he decides who he wants to devote his time, and, notice, he has the full right for it.

So in conclusion we can sum up...
A magician is the one who does his own spiritual development, following his soul and not betraying it, and if a magician serves somebody, then only the Supreme Mind (Forces, God, the Universe - you can call it whatever you like), but not the people.

Victoria Orchid

Published: 05.12.2014 in the Magic category