Love Spell and Damage in Magical Practice

In this interview Esmira Volchenkova, known psychic from Rostov-na-Donu, tells what a spell is, how a love spell works, how to remove damage correctly and whether it is possible to do these things remotely.

Esmira Volchenkova- What is a spell? How does it work?

- It is not just a bunch of incomprehensible words. For me it is clear. I studied magic in the Azerbaijani language, and I work with the mirror. That is, if there are difficulties with the usual scan, I can see through the mirror. Also, I work with the knife. With it I open the special places where it's easier to break energy field in order to read and see. I will open the secret of how a spell for a person is being made. Starting to teach me, my grandmother gave me one word only. And I had to make the spell from it. A mirror reading is used to convey information and command to other world - to make cleaning to a person or to do something to him. You make up command and read - not as a poem, but with the inquiry to the addressee. Someone will read but he would not be heard, I read - all come true, because I am in touch with them as a guide or interpreter. If you take my spell, read it from the end, insert several syllables, you'll be surprised, because it will transfer perfectly ordinary phrases like: "Please clean off from me ...". This way spell is prepared.

- You work with a knife and a mirror. Candles on the table - are they entourage also or a tool?

- Why candles? Because through the fire you also transmit information, but twice as fast - read everything from a person layer by layer and send the program. For example, clean the aura of black spots, burning them with the candle.

- What happens if extrasens loses his tool?

- Extrasens should never lose his tools. The same as to leave a leg somewhere on the way home.

- What if the tool is stolen?

- With a good extrasens this will not happen - he would calculate immediately. But if it is yet stolen, then in some cases it is possible to work without tools. However, it would be impossible to hold a ritual. Clairvoyants work without tools at all. Good witches can do the ritual with a single candle or a kitchen knife - and it will work out. Of course, the tool carries power, a special program, but if it is not accessible - it is possible to use what is at hand. I have a ritual when I clean an apartment and work with ordinary broom. At the end of the ritual it is used to sweep away all the mud.

- Since we are talking about apartments, is it true that both humans and animals, such as cats, can leave the negative energy in the house?

- Cats are animals that are associated with the other world. If the cat itself left house to die - there will prevail peace and quiet. But if the cat was killed, beaten or hurt in the house, the animal leaves the heavy negative energy. Actually, I always advise to keep cats in the house, because they take away the bad energy. If you picked up the cat, and he runs away from you, do not keep it - there is nothing wrong within you. Any negative energy, if you do not get rid of it, is stored in the house for seven years.

- What do you think about amulets? Do they protect, bring a negative or have no effect on the person who wears them?

- Amulets can be different. First of all, any amulet is a protection program. It needs to be charged. For example, I need to make an amulet for protection. I take the energy of the person - his hair and nails - and sew together in the bag. Man wears an amulet around the neck or in a pocket. It acts as a substitution - takes on all the negative, and its owner remains clean. It's like a vaccination against damage.

- Is it true that if a person takes out a damage, he must move it on someone - it does not disappear into nowhere?

- It is possible to imagine a damage as a black cloud, which moves to the person and interferes with his energy. I open the portal with the help of the ritual and send a damage there. There are psychics that direct a damage to the person who made it. If this is a witch, and there is certainly protection behind her, our cloud comes back to the person and goes around and around him. I send a damage in the mirror, water or ground. But all this is necessary to be able to do. In the ground a damage is being sent via a needle. Water washes it away. In the mirror you send a damage by fire. You can not leave it just like that. A damage can go to the other person.

- When a love spell is done on a person, whether he becomes not himself, turning into a zombie?

- Love spells are different - from weak, when he is given some water, to the heaviest. With the help of a love spell a person is coerced to love someone by force. He becomes dependent on the energy of the person to whom he is charmed. When that person is near him, he is powered by that person's energy, rejoices and flourishes. But once that person leaves or stops loving him, he begins to wither. After all, he lacks the power of this man. Love spell can be considered a kind of turning into a zombie when a person listens only to the one who charmed him, and does what he tells him. He is afraid to lose energy and strength of that person, becomes addicted to him, like a drug addict. If a woman leaves a charmed man, he might start drinking, because alcohol relaxes the state of a love spell, or he starts using drugs, or going mad. In any case there are two roads: mental hospital or death.

- Can be love drawn into life magically, and isn't it a sin, a bad action?

- Magic - it's either a love spell, or a binding. Love between two people, without using magic - it's not at the level of beauty, but at the level of odors, and the like. Magic can do the same at the level of odor, level of human energy, that is, two people's energies are binded. Why we think that the love spell is terrible, that a person will die? But he will die not because the magic or the dark forces, but because without the energy of another person he starts to dry. We are all dependent on the energy, invisible energy. Energy - it is our life. This is the same as soul. When a man dies, a lump of energy leaves and moves to a newborn baby. And the same is here, when two forces are interconnected, and if it is not removed, then one always needs the energy of the other.

- From your words I realized that love and a love spell have similar mechanisms, they depend on the odor or energy?

- Of course, this is true. How is a love spell being done? A spell is being done on the binding of energies or odors. For example, blood may be used. Blood contains enough female odors. The man, who got into his body a strongest boost of energy of the woman, becomes binded. But in everyday life, without love spell, man sees a woman and falls in love with her energy, her smell - it suits him. But in the magic it is being done by force, to make the smell, the energy of this woman suit him.

In this video you can see how love spell is performed practically. Please do not attempt to reproduce these steps on your own, because without understanding what you are doing, at best nothing will happen. We publish this video with cognitive purpose, to give an idea of how the magical work implements:

- So the fault of a love spell - in the violence, but otherwise the result is the same?

- Yes. Let's take love, for example, a girl fell in love with a man. Man does not love, it is not his woman. Disposable relationship occurred, and the woman becomes binded. It means natural love spell, that is, the woman felt it is hers - she needs it, it suits her in this world. And she dries, does not eat, does not drink, does not walk, commits suicide attempts... In the magic it is the same, forcible binding of two people leads to the same result.

- But do you approve in some cases the possibility of a love spell?

- No, I do not approve a love spell. But if for example the husband was taken away from the family, I can help the woman. I approve it in the case when it is needed to bring back a loved one, which was forcibly taken away. Otherwise I certainly do not approve violence. Why force a person to be near you when he is near you unhappy? He does not understand why he is there with you. And a spell works in such a way that if a man is charmed, then after getting sexual satisfaction he can live without this woman two or three days, or a week, and he thinks that he hates her, but then again the desire begins to be fed with energy of that women, which is embedded in him. Again he goes, gets this satisfaction, as he is quiet again. It's like an addiction, it's all somewhere about one thing .

- From your words I realized that a love spell can be approved if a man was taken away from the family by love spell too?

- Yes.

- And why it is easier to do another love spell, than to remove a first spell? Is removal of a love spell more difficult?

- I very rarely dare to remove a love spell by a photo or anything else. The removal of a love spell is being made from the man himself, and it's really hard, you need to work with a man not only magically, but also psychologically, to change his mood, reconfigure him, to put another program in him - it requires his presence. And many women ask - please bring me back my husband, but he would not come to you, return him by a photo. Actually, it is possible, but I will never give guarantees in this case.

- And is it possible to impose a love spell by a photo?

- It is possible, and, again, no guarantees.

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