Additional Magic Rituals for House Cleaning

In our first article on magic cleaning of a house we have described several rituals. Here we will touch some additional effective methods.

Negative energy hanging over any house can be a cause of strained relationship, create tension, strengthen controversies and frequency of accidents, as well as destroy understanding. It can also contribute to insomnia and cause heavy, unhealthy atmosphere in a house. When such things happen, you should necessarily clean a house from negative influences. If you have moved into an apartment where other people have lived, certainly clean it.

The Ritual of Fire, Water and Copper Coins

incense stickSo, let's begin. First you need to find the "point of power" in your house. Focus and slowly walk around the house. A place where you feel most comfortable - this is a place of power in your house. Put a stool in this place and cover it with a beautiful cloth or tissue.

Also you need a candle, a saucer, a handful of rice, pieces of any fruit, aroma oil or incense stick and several small coins.

Light a candle, drip a little wax into the middle of a saucer and fix a candle in it. Then pour a little water into dish. Around the candle put coins, pieces of fruit (insert incense stick into one of them), pour rice.

Now light a stick. If you don't have it, you can put a few drops of aroma oils onto hot wax at the bottom of the candle.

Fruits symbolize earth, candle - fire, incense - air, and water is water. These four elements help us clean the house from all harm. Rice and coins symbolize prosperity in family. Leave this composition at the "point of power" on 10 minutes and then move in all other rooms on 3 minutes each.

Put Protection

To make the positive energy that you have filled up the house stay there for a long time, you need to put protection.

Stand in any free corner of a room where you found the "point of power", back to the wall. Take a breath, close your eyes and pick up the right hand (palm facing a wall behind you). Now imagine that your fingertips radiate light. Then quickly exhale and lower arm - this way you put a barrier in the way of negative energy. Do the same in other rooms. The rite is finished. Next, wash hands and face, because you need to wash away the negative, which could get on you during the rite.

This procedure should be done 2-3 times a year.

But before you put any protection on a house, it must be thoroughly cleaned from existing negative. Why should it be done? Any protection is a sort of dome, cocoon, which prevents free flow of energy. If a house has negative, a dome will concentrate it inside, which is not good.

House Cleaning with Lemon

Clean out 9 lemons, and then put peel into a large pot with water, thoroughly mash by hands till lasting fragrance from peel appears in the air.
Imagine how lemon fragrance cleans a house from negative.
It is necessary to wash doors and windows with the water from lemon peel, wipe off the dust around a house, and then wash floor. Such water with lemon fragrance cleans negativity, tones energy in a house.

House Cleaning with Sagebrush

Gather sagebrush by yourself, put it into a bucket, fill with cold water and decoct within 3 hours. Next, remove grass (which we don't need anymore), and then, do wet cleaning with this water and wash floor. Sagebrush cleans from negative.
Or take dry sagebrush, put on a flat ovenproof surface, set fire and go around your house, fumigating with smoke all the little corners, windows, actually every place which your intuition suggests.

Cleaning Ritual with Herbal Collection

For this ritual we need collection of 3 herbs: oregano, laurel and rosemary.
Heat 3 liters of water (almost to a boil, but do not boil), then remove from heat and throw into the water handful of each of these herbs. Close the jar and let it cool down. Then filter the resulting infusion. Now it is possible to carry out the rite of cleaning.
Go around entire room clockwise splashing in corners, reading any prayer to the Virgin or the spell: "I cast out the evil. Oregano, rosemary and laurel help me. Vanish, evil spirit. So be it!"

Energetical Protection

energy protectionTo create it, walk around a house nine times counter-clockwise (from the outside, if a house is private, or inside an apartment, starting from the front door). While walking, move your hand along walls and imagine that you organize magical white protective cocoon along them. Then find the approximate center of a house, enter trance state and begin to visualize that a thick white pillar falls onto your entire house from above. Magic protection of a house with the help of cleaning light energy - this is quite a strong rite, but it depends on your ability to visualize. Visualize a pillar of energy for so long that you could almost feel the flowing streams of cleaning light. And then, within a week, morning and evening, again visualize this energy in order to strengthen and fix the stream. Such protective magic benefits from light and medium domestic negativity.

Protective Plants

Small handfuls of dried elecampane located at corners of rooms protect dwelling well. Thistle under threshold will not let evil men enter into a house. Put bunches of rowan between frames of a window - they protect from evil and envious glances. Aspen twigs located in doorposts clean a house and don't skip negative energy.

Bunch of garlic near a door also does not allow negative energy to get inside. Oak doors themselves are a powerful energy protection of dwelling.
Just keep in mind that any protective plants need every 1.5-2 months to be changed, old should be buried in the ground away from a house or burned with prayers (but it is better to bury), and on their place in a house new ones should be put. And if a house is an object of targeted magic attacks, plants should be changed every 2-3 weeks, or even more often - depending of energy in a house.

Rowan planted near a front door is excellent protection of a house. Every year it will get stronger. Spruces and any conifers planted with protective spells also help a lot. Live plants in a garden create natural magic protection of a house. Of course, if you are in a close contact with these plants, if they love you - they will protect you "to the last drop of blood" like a dog.

Monthly cleaning of a house will significantly reduce negative energy. It is best to perform this cleaning during waning moon. However, if the need arises, do not wait for the correct phase of the moon - just make cleaning. Cleaning removes all negative effects that accumulate in private houses and apartment buildings. However, cleaning is not exorcism, it does not eliminate spirits that bring anxiety. Similarly, although cleaning brings positive results, it does not protect from consciously aimed negative energy flow (damage and evil eye).

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