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Magic Guru is a site dedicated to Magic and ESP

"Magic Guru"
is a site dedicated to Magic and ESP
as well as related directions of human development.

In relation to Magic and ESP people today can be divided into three groups. Some of them actively deny them, criticizing or mocking any mention of them, some others protect, promote and practice, irrespective of the presence or absence of tangible results, and some carefully avoid contacts with this area, preferring to be interested in simple and understandable earthly matters.

Debates between supporters and opponents seem endless. And in most cases these debates are theoretical and ignore the fact that this is the realm of experience that can not be replaced with books, TV shows or stories of friends and acquaintances. You just have to take one step toward the practical experiment, evaluate it independently, and everyone can do for himself his own conclusions, that will either reverse his view of the world, or strengthen an already existing worldview. We invite you to make such a step.

Magic begins when you find yourself capable to perceive nonphysical reality, which is called extrasensory perception - ESP. This is the stage which should be passed, but it can not be missed. Therefore, it is a good way to distinguish the real progress from the imaginary. If an adept of some spiritual direction begins to suspect that he has already passed most of the way and is able to be a master and teach others, or to be a magician and help others, it makes sense for him to test himself in a more simple question. And if it turns out that the ESP is not yet available to him, it is obvious that the idea of ​his achievements was only an illusion. Such a check can be valuable, as it allows to people test themselves on their own and, if desired, even anonymously, and all that is necessary is the ability to be honest with oneself. And this quality is necessary to cultivate on the path of spiritual development one of the first.

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