Dream Book - Words Beginning with W


If in a dream your waist seems to be rounded, stoutish, in reality your fate should be favorable to you. If your waist is unnaturally [...]


War in a dream - to the deterioration of affairs, disorder and mess in the house and in the relationship with family. For a young [...]


If you see in a dream that you eagerly prepare for the upcoming wedding, sew a wedding dress and so on - in reality you [...]

Wedding Ring

Seeing in a dream engagement or wedding ring means a quick wedding and a happy marriage. The ring which is put on your finger during [...]


To hear a whistling in a dream means that in reality you will be shocked by the tragic message that will make you rush to [...]


To feel light breeze in a dream - it means that in order to win the heart of your chosen, you have to sacrifice very [...]

Window Leaf

If in your dream you opened a window leaf, then you urgently need to change something in your relationship with your loved one. Of course, [...]


A dream in which you see witches means that you can get into the company, which is having fun outdoors, but the consequences of this [...]


A dream in which you are dealing with other women as a rule means a complication of relations with them in reality. To have a [...]


To wrestle with someone in a dream - in the near future expect a collision with serious difficulties. However, if you win in a dream, [...]