Dream Book - Words Beginning with T


To lay the table to welcome guests portends major acquisitions, big spendings. A rich table with a variety of regales and drinks portends a carefree [...]


To see your own teeth, that you are brushing - a sign that reality will bring you troubles from the harassing petitioners who seem to [...]


Seeing a tiger behind bars in a dream - to complication of relations with colleagues. To fight with a tiger - to amorous pleasures, to [...]


To see tights in a dream means that you will have a long shopping trips in search for the necessary goods. Old or torn tights [...]


To grow tomatoes in a dream means a secret love, carefully hidden from envious rivals. Caring for tomatoes in a garden portends that excessively curious [...]


If in a dream you see a passenger train at the station - this means that grandiose changes are in front of you that will [...]


To see in a dream a trap foretells humiliating failure in the near future, but do not despair, because after that a continuous strip of [...]


To threaten someone in a dream - you are jealous of other people's happiness, and the feeling does not allow you to calm down, because [...]


Twins in a dream will bring you a sense of confidence, strengthen the position in society and in the family. If twins are of a [...]