Dream Book - Words Beginning with S


Any dream, somehow related to the scenery, says that your merits will not be appreciated, and more than that - instead of gratitude you will [...]


If in your dream your shoes are dirty and ragged - you risk to make enemies by indiscriminate criticism. If in a dream you wear black [...]


A dream in which you feel a pleasant smell portends success in business, the help of friends and protection of influential people. Unpleasant, repulsive smell [...]


To see snakes in a dream foretells that you will have enemies among women and in general suffer from the influence of evil powers. If [...]


To see heavy snowfall in a dream - big changes in your career are coming. Spiny snow with strong wind portends obstacles in love. The [...]


A dream in which you see yourself giving birth, and they declare that you have a son, means that you will be able to oppose [...]


If you see son-in in a dream - it portends in reality a family council about some accident, wich will be your fault. To talk [...]


If in a dream you rub your body with soapy sponge, taking a bath - so in reality you will try to make amends to [...]


To see in a dream a steam from the spout of the kettle or from under a cover of pan - a sign of courage, [...]


Transparent and red stones mean joy. Blue - wealth and power. Green - confidence in the future. Black stones caution against dishonest person. Opal means danger. Amber - evil, harm [...]


To pack a suitcase in a dream, going on a long journey - a sign of trouble in a relationship with the boss. To sit [...]


To see in a dream the sunset heralds important life changes. If the sunset is clear in the cloudless sky - you are awaiting joy [...]