Dream Book - Words Beginning with R


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To see in a dream rain - to plaguy situation. If it is raining while the sun is out - to the possibility of winning. [...]


If a woman had a nightmarish scene of the rape in a dream - it foretells the events, which will result in break of relations [...]


Razor in a dream portends disagreements with partners, which will have serious implications. To cut yourself with a razor in a dream - to a [...]


If in your dream you are resurrected - then in reality you will suffer, experiencing temporary difficulties, but in the end everything will be fine. Seeing [...]


To meet your rival in a dream portends joy, good news. (Hasse's Dream Book) If in your dream you realized that you have a rival - so [...]


A small river with clean and fast water - a harbinger of a cheerful and happy time. To rest on a river bank, fishing or [...]


To see in a dream of a lot of rubbish in your apartment portends nuisance from slander. To throw rubbish in the trash - to [...]