Dream Book - Words Beginning with P


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A dream in which you were fined for parking in the wrong place - a harbinger of a serious battle with competitors, capable of any [...]


If in a dream you have a long chatting with someone on the phone - it portends that your spouse will be outraged by your [...]


A dream in which somebody allegedly wants to poison you says about vain fears and anxieties. If you took the poison and it absolutely did [...]


If in your dream you were captured by police in another country - it does not promise anything good in the business relationship, where you [...]


To feel in a dream or to see yourself pregnant - to dissension with husband or with children. For a girl such a dream foretells [...]


To see in a dream other people in prison means that you will insist on granting privileges to persons whom you trust implicitly. If you see [...]


If you see pyramids in a dream - then you expect many changes in your life. If in a dream you climb a pyramid - so [...]