Dream Book - Words Beginning with N


A dream in which you see your fingernails has a positive value, toenails - a negative. Too long nails mean distressful situation when you need [...]


If you saw in a dream someone's overly long neck - let's say, a giraffe or a swan - so in reality you'll be at [...]


To be stung by a nettle in a dream foretells disorder in feelings, extreme dissatisfaction with oneself and others, because of what you will become [...]


To receive news in a letter from distant relatives or friends - such a dream foretells bad change in life, fraught with disease, deprivation and [...]


If in your dream you saw abnormally large nose - it portends that you'll achieve the favor in your business through patronage. Little button nose [...]


Making any notes in a dream portends in reality receiving letters or oral news from relatives or friends. To read notes - a sign of [...]


A dream in which you see yourself naked means that you will look bad in front of your friends and close ones. To expose your [...]