Dream Book - Words Beginning with M


If in your dream you are undergoing medical massage - in reality you will feel discomfort and dizziness that force you to consult a doctor. [...]


A dream in which you take courses for nurses means that soon you will meet with the person who will take a dominant position in [...]


To see in a dream a process of casting things from metal - to a profitable contract. To mint on metal - in reality you [...]


To see in a dream a huge amount of milk - to a deterioration of health. However, the dream where you bathe in milk - [...]


To see a mirror in a dream - a harbinger of an early marriage, and for married people this dream means infidelity. To look in [...]


To see yourself as a model who poses in the nude for painter or sculptor - to contrive love affair that brings you nothing but [...]


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To collect mushrooms in the woods - portends tears. (Anastasia's Dream Book) To see mushrooms in a dream foretells pregnancy and fatigue or a satisfied passion. To [...]