Dream Book - Words Beginning with L


To see in a dream a brightly luminous lamp means beginning of a productive period, business activity, when all will be given to you easily [...]


To see a laundry in a dream: human chatter will cause troubles. To see laundress at work: you'll be displeased with yourself. Laundress is resting or [...]


If there was a wound, cut on your leg in a dream, you have to sew the torn fabric awake to make negative meaning to [...]


To lend money to someone portends good luck in business, profit and true love. If in your dream you found it useless to require the [...]


If in your dream you're licking ice cream - it portends that you will be attracted to another partner and show undue cruelty to previous. [...]


If in a dream you switch on lighting in a room or elsewhere, then you will be alarmed by rumors of upcoming changes that may [...]


Lizard in a dream means that you will be attacked by enemies. A dream in which you kill a lizard says that you will be [...]


If in a dream you feel strong and irresistible love for your chosen one - so in real life you will be cheerful, happy and [...]


For a girl to see a lover in a dream, while in reality she has neither husband nor loved one - to the wedding as [...]