Dream Book - Words Beginning with K


To keep in hands a tree branch - to changes in business. If it is a pussy-willow branch - to the delight, if a laurel [...]


Dealing with kerosene - it's a dream from which you can have sick head in reality. To burn kerosene in a dream - to the [...]


If you see keys in a dream - in reality await unexpected obstacles. To lose keys in a dream foretells quarrels at home and trouble [...]


If you see in a dream that the killer is preparing to hit you - then some experience in reality will require you strength of [...]


Kissing in a dream - for a woman it foretells acquaintance with some attractive man that at a closer look will turn out a real [...]


A dream in which you fuss in the kitchen promises poor appetite and general weakening of the body after a long and debilitating illness. To [...]


If in a dream you cuss, unable to untie the tangled knot on a string, then you will have to accept unfavorable conditions. To tie [...]