Dream Book: to See Ice in a Dream - Interpretation

To see ice in a dream portends material damage, loss of a friend, failure in love. Ice on the river means a delay in the case because of the intrigues of the enemies who want to harm you by any means. Walking on snow-covered ice - you will venture company, which will bring a welcome income.
To skate on the ice means that you are threatened with loss of job or some values that you are very expensive. To dips in the icy wormwood - you risk the well-being of loved ones from the selfishness and greed.
Seeing the hole in the ice means futile efforts to realize the illusory hopes. Doing well in the ice - in reality you will experience fright. Ice-fishing in a dream - danger is approaching, which can be not noticed on time. To see spring break means that your luck comes to an end and a string of bad luck approachs.
To move from one bank to another, jumping from ice floe to ice floe - in reality you will commit folly, which will bring you a bad reputation. Melting ice in a dream means that the thing that gives you a lot of trouble, will soon bring you happiness and wealth.
Icy branches and wires, studded with huge icicles, portend temporary difficulties and illness, which you will walk through without medical attention. To suck or chew ice or to drink ice water - to the bad news from distant relatives.
To be in a dream in the icy water - you will experience disappointment in a conversation with a person who is not able to listen and interrupts on every word. Ice falling from freezer when defrosting the refrigerator - is a sign of your failure due to an impatient desire to get ahead of events.
To come to harm from ice-crusted ground in a dream - to meet misogynist whose heart will be thawed when meeting with you. A car slipping on ice portends hardships, and after overcoming them the annoying little things in life will no longer put you out of temper, you will simply stop taking them seriously. Adding ice in drinks means a turning point in the decisive trial. To see iceberg in a dream - to a meaningless life changes.
(Bogdanova's Dream Book)

To see - all sorts of obstacles; to walk on ice - successful overcome of obstacles; to break - you will know a lot of fear; to see in forest - vain efforts, illusory hopes.
(Hasse's Dream Book)

Ice in a dream portends a lot of disasters. Evil people will seek an opportunity to hurt you in the affair which is most important.
To see ice floating in a stream of clean water means that your happiness comes to the end because of someone else's envy.
To see you pacing the ice means that you risk your tranquility and respect from others because of fleeting pleasures.
For a young woman in a dream to stroll on the ice - it means that only a thin veil hides her from shame.
Icicles on the roofs of houses mean poverty and life without comfort. This dream also predicts poor health.
Icicles mean future suffering.
Icicle on evergreen trees - your brilliant future will be overshadowed by the undeserved rewards.
To see that you're doing ice foretells your fail in affairs caused by your irrepressible egoism.
If in your dream you are chewing ice (icicle) - you may become sick. A dream in which you drink water with ice promises the same.
Swimming in icy water - it promises pleasure that will be suddenly interrupted by some event.
(Miller's Dream Book)