Dream Book: to See Ice Cream in a Dream - Interpretation

To eat ice cream in a dream - it portends success in just started affairs. To see children eating ice-cream means prosperity and happiness that will accompany you for life.
For a young woman to overturn ice cream in front of her lover or friend - means her interest to another person and unjustified cruelty to her lover.
To see melted ice cream - a sign that the unexpected disappointment will spoil your enjoyment.
(Miller's Dream Book)

If in your dream you're eating ice cream on a hot day, you will have a pleasant meeting with someone you have not seen for a long time. You will get from this meeting a great pleasure, but do not expect to return to the past.
To see that someone is eating melted ice cream - you're trying to revive something that has long been dead. You think that if only wish then immediately everything will be the way you want to. In fact, all have been changed, and your happiness is in another person.
To eat solid, frozen ice cream - you love life and strive to obtain from it only pleasure. In a short time it may happen that your success will be not so stable.
To eat ice cream in cafe - soon you will have an entertainment event where you will behave so that no one can accuse you of being too modest. You will regret to remember this evening.
(Freud's Dream Book)