Dream Book - Words Beginning with H


To see in a dream that your hair is surprisingly beautiful, to comb them, admiring yourself in the mirror - then in reality you can [...]


If in your dream you go to a hair salon and get to your familiar hairdresser - it means that following your habits and rules [...]


To hold in hands a tree branch in a dream - to changes in business. If it is osier branch - to joy, if laurel [...]


If in a dream you are cheerfully and briskly preparing for a holiday - this is to unexpected big money. Inviting many guests to a [...]


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If in a dream you cut pork or beef hooves to prepare aspic - such a dream foretells the forced departure of one of your [...]


To see hotel in a dream foretells that in reality you will go on a long and very unpleasant trip. If hotel is fashionable [...]


The house of childhood or of a certain period of life points to chronic problems. Your current problems exist because an undesirable breakdown occurred in [...]


To hug in a dream your husband (or wife), quietly or sadly, promises you domestic troubles. To hug in a dream your relatives - to possible [...]


A dream in which you see a man with a hump, foretells unexpected changes in your plans, which however can be beneficial. To see in a [...]


Participation in hunting represents an attempt to implement impracticable plans. To walk along the trail and catch wildfowl - in reality means to successfully overcome [...]