Dream Book - Words Beginning with G


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To see in a dream a ghost suddenly appeared in front of you - means that the health of your close friend will be under [...]


A dream in which you see giraffe means that you misunderstand something in the person you love due to the fact that his intellectual development [...]


To see in a dream a little girl - to a surprise; if she was crying - it will be a pleasant surprise, probably material; [...]


If a person is wearing a coat of a goat - such a dream foretells that some important person will lose his post and die. If [...]


To see gold in a dream - to the falsehood and fallacies in any form. To keep gold in your hands - to prosperity and [...]

Gray Hair

To see yourself in a dream turned gray - to acquire completely unnecessary things. To see your children turned gray - they are destined to [...]


To dig the ground in a dream foretells material benefits. Seeing someone digs the ground - to the mourning. Lying on the ground in a [...]


A dream in which you see somebody doing gymnastics foretells that in reality you will become sure of the correctness of some judgment, whether judicial [...]