Dream Book - Words Beginning with F


A dream in which you purchased a farm heralds new beginnings, change of activity. To see a chicken farm in a dream - to obtain [...]


If you wash your feet in a dream - it portends a fascinating journey, and along with it a short romance. Dirty feet - a [...]


To see fern in a dream - it means that the novelty of relationships in your life has disappeared. You suffer from the monotony and [...]


To kindle fire in a dream foretells a love affair with tempestuous passions, to extinguish - you will change the plans on the move in [...]


To buy fish in a dream - a sign of deception and falsehood. To clean fish - a serious test is coming, to cook - [...]


If in your dream someone is obviously flattering you, trying to win your good attitude - then in reality you tend to underestimate yourself, while [...]


If in your dream you soar aloft like a bird - in reality it brings you fullfillment of hope, success in business and love. If, [...]


To wear in a dream a couple of the same footwear foretells the normal course of affairs, and a couple of different footwear means the [...]


To see hoarfrost in a dream, abundantly covering all around with the first autumn frosts, portends a sudden departure in a trip abroad. Winter frost, with [...]


To see in a dream a fruit ripening among the leaves usually predicts a prosperous future. Green fruits mean vain efforts and rash acts. If a [...]


The feeling of fury, which you had in a dream, says that in reality you will unjustly offend relatives. If you yourself have caused someone's [...]