Dream Book - Words Beginning with E


A dream with a broken egg portends a sad event, which, however, will turn to be unexpectedly positive. Cooking scrambled eggs - to guests visit. [...]


A dream in which you demonstrate not typical for you eloquence, making unexpected impression on the audience, means that in reality you will get very [...]


If in a dream you have struggle with some enemy - so in reality you will soon have a really hard time in defending your [...]

Engagement Ring

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If in your dream you have received significant exemptions that you can now use freely and do not care with a high steeple on all [...]


To see in a dream that you were in some kind of exhibition - it portends that the situation in your affairs will change as [...]


To see in a dream someone's eyes portends good luck, success in business and pleasure. If the eyes are unhealthy, blind, oblique and so on [...]