Dream Book - Words Beginning with D


A dream in which you are in danger, almost deadly, which you chosen deliberately - in reality this dream will turn into a complete success [...]


A dream, in which you see your daughter, portends unpleasant events, that, however, will be followed by a lucky streak. To see in a dream [...]


To see a corpse in a dream foretells completely unexpected ending of your love story. To see in a dream a dead child - to [...]


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If in you dream you were defeated by fantastic creatures - then you will have doubts about the upcoming choice, while you should be decisive, [...]


Seeing as someone digs ground - it is a harbinger of disease, and to sit in the pit heralds death or life-threatening illness. To get [...]


If in a dream you feel dizzy - so in reality you expect a loss in the family or at work. To feel dizzy, climbing [...]


To caress dogs in a dream - the recognition of your mistake. A dog represents a friend of yours that you can offend. (Anastasia's Dream Book) If [...]


To see or wear a white dress in a dream foretells heartfelt joy, imminent marriage. Green dress - to fulfill expectations; blue - will go [...]


If you see in a dream a weight (for scales) - in reality you will prove your rightness to those who questioned your arguments. To [...]