Dream Book - Words Beginning with C


To see a calculator in a dream means that you will get into time trouble, having just a little time to think about a difficult [...]


To light a chandelier with many candles in a dream means that in the upcoming case you should rely only on your own strength. One [...]


You are in captivity, locked in a room, or you are held against your will. Dreams with such themes are very significant. And what is [...]


In a dream you go by car - in reality you are active, vigorous, full of energy, and you can do everything without much trouble. [...]


A dream in which you see a corpse of an animal or a bird - to anxiety and frustration, the collapse of plans due to [...]


To see cats in a dream means that you will be deceived by the people you trust. Cats portend a scandal in the family triggered [...]


To see cement in a dream - you will find true friendship. (Hasse's Dream Book) To step into liquid cement - you have a concern, but you [...]


A dream in which you get away from the chase portends the worst fears about the health of one of the relatives. If in your [...]


To see in a dream a circle as a geometrical figure means insularity of your existence. If you see things having a circle shape - [...]


To see a circus performance in a dream - soon you will have to seek help from a specialist who will help you in a [...]


A dream in which you were cut off from the world in a mine or some kind of cave as a result of a collapse [...]


To buy a cookie in a dream - to the fulfillment of desires. To make cookies - you will not be able to resist the [...]


A dream in which you open a bottle of wine with a corkscrew says that your thoughts and sentiments pose a source of danger to [...]


To see in a dream cranberries means that soon you will get misinformation that jeopardize your business. To collect cranberries on the marsh - to [...]


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A dream in which you have cut yourself, sloppy handling the blade, heralds disease. To make a deep cut to yourself by sharpened knife - [...]


If in your dream you cut out fabric for the clothes - it portends changes in activities and in everyday circumstances. To cut out something [...]