Dream Book - Words Beginning with B


If someone beats you in a dream - it means family problems. If the husband beats - your mistakes will cause mess and turmoil in [...]


A dream in which you find a stranger in your bed - a sign of discord between the spouses. If you have dragged him into [...]


Raw bloody beef in a dream often portends a serious illness. Falling, cuts and other injuries are possible. If in a dream you eat well-cooked [...]


Dark beer - to a good income; light - to get a letter; turbid - to be frightened; to drink - to win; to shed [...]


If in your dream you are sitting on a bench, then in reality do not trust your debtors. If you see others sitting on a bench [...]


A loon in a dream - a sign of risky but profitable enterprise, a capercaillie - you are suspected in something, pigeons - to disease [...]


Birthday in a dream - a very special case, this is a harbinger of future financial difficulties and treachery of friends, if they congratulate you. [...]


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To see in a dream some kind of box or crate, which is empty - to disappointments. If there is something sensible and useful inside [...]


To see in a dream a butterfly, sat down on the grass or flowers in the garden or in the green lawn, means empty rumors [...]