Dream Book - Words Beginning with A


To see academy in a dream - to get protection. (Hasse's Dream Book) To appear in a dream in academy - you can regret the missed opportunities [...]


To be in a dream under the influence of alcohol - means that soon you'll have a fun and noisy waste of time and money [...]


If you see in a dream amputation of any parts of the body, it means small losses at work. Amputation of hands or feet in [...]


To see in a dream animals of an unusual kind means to experience anxiety and unrest. White animals foreshadow meeting with friends. Seeing the angry [...]


If you saw antenna in a dream - it is a sign, a warning from the commitment of a serious mistake. To turn the TV [...]


A dream in which an auction present - a favorable sign. If you hear the auctioneer's voice calling rates and shouting auction chant - it [...]


For a young woman to see in a dream her aunt - heralds a sharp reproof for some actions that would bring her great upset. If [...]


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