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sleeping girl

The tradition of dream interpretation has its roots in antiquity, but it continues to develop in our time. Many teachings, from the shamanic practices of journey of the soul in a dream to the Freud's analysis of the unconscious and Jung's archetypes, imposed its stamp on it. In order not to become attached to a particular doctrine, we offer you interpretations selected from a variety of different books. And, no matter what caused your dream and at what level of consciousness it came, perhaps you will find among the proposed interpretations the one that will give you the correct decoding. Finding objects of the dream can be performed alphabetically by selecting a letter from the list below, or by word with the help of search box.

Like any mystical practice, the true interpretation of dreams is an art that can not be put in the books completely. Some interpretations are inconsistent, and for some objects or stories you will not find a book decryption. Our dream interpretation is a reference point prompting associations that are common to most people's unconscious sphere. Using this reference point, you will be able to tune in and decrypt your dream completely.

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