Zodiac Signs - Characteristics

Zodiac Signs

Signs of the Zodiac are 30-degree sections of the ecliptic. The Sun stays in each sign about a month and moves to another in a last ten-day period of each month. Signs of the Zodiac are not the same with constellations, they are 12 equal parts into which ecliptic is divided (while there are 13 zodiacal constellations, the 13th is Ophiuchus). But they got their names from the constellations closest to them.

The countdown of Zodiac signs usually begins on the vernal equinox during the movement of the Sun, which means from Aries. But from the magical point of view, the countdown should begin from Leo, because Cancer is a transitional figure here - it moves back, which shows the transition from one to another spiral turn. At this level, the spiral ends and goes to the next level.

Magic does not believe that Zodiac signs are fixed for the whole life. At birth, you get a task, which is associated with a particular sign. You live and accumulate qualities that define your sign further. Each person is born under some sign of the Zodiac, ie, at the time of birth he had qualities of this sign, and then he lives and can move to the next sign.

After working off qualities of a particular sign, you move on to the next. Astrologers believe that if you were born Capricorn, you will not be Aquarius. But magic says that if you were born Capricorn and work with magic, you can be already Pisces, because magicians work on personal evolution. Hence, while for usual person it takes a lifetime to work through one sign, the magician can go straight from one sign to another, and in this case it is purposeful work with qualities.

Let's take a closer look at the qualities of the particular signs.

Published: 23.12.2015 in the Astrology category