Venus Aspects in Synastry

In this article we will talk about Venus - a very important planet for synastry, which was associated with love and expression of feelings in all religions, traditions and myths. As usual, we will take into consideration 4 main aspects: conjunction, square (quadrature), trine and opposition.

  1. Conjunctions
  2. Squares
  3. Trines
  4. Oppositions

Venus Conjunctions in Synastry

Venus in conjunction with Venus

This is one of the most beautiful aspects for a long and consistent relationship. Each partner has the same idea of love. As a result, there is a natural harmony of the everything that makes this relationship. The partnership appears to be saturated with the general atmosphere of kindness and gentle understanding, as both individuals can reflect their feelings through each other.

Man's Venus in conjunction with woman's Mars

With this aspect, the partners experience a permutation of roles. A man perceives a woman through his own subconscious female part. She, in turn, symbolizes the energy and perseverance, which she expected from him. Here there is a magnetic and sexual attraction, although a woman plays a leading part. But in his love for her a man unintentionally expresses his own self-love, because he is subconsciously attracted to the male ego-projection coming from his partner.

Woman's Venus in conjunction with man's Mars

This is one of the most compatible aspects in the Zodiac. Each of the partners is in his most natural role, as Aphrodite symbolically mitigates the aggressiveness of Mars. Strong sexual attraction creates a passionate and dynamic relationship. Man's sexual desires find sensitivity in warm feelings of a woman.

Man's Venus in conjunction with woman's Jupiter

This aspect adds a note of pleasant harmony to the relationship. Man's love nature finds the development in higher intelligence of a woman. At the same time she can subconsciously see through him her own personality. The relationship is imbued with optimism, generosity and an open feeling of love which is not limiting, so that sexuality becomes secondary in comparison with more satisfying experience. If both partners are reasonable, the result of this aspect can be a great wealth.

Woman's Venus in conjunction with man's Jupiter

Here a woman aspires to the prophetic wisdom of a man. His knowledge and sense of freedom can help her to expand consciousness, as well as to clarify and improve her view of life. He lights a torch, inspiring her to support him in the endless search for the truth. If both partners hold a practical position and realistic view of life, this aspect can bring great fortune.

Man's Venus in conjunction with woman's Saturn

Here we find a harmonious transposition of roles, where a man, unconsciously identified with the figure of the anima, is trying to cater to the subconscious expectations of father's image of his partner. A woman, in turn, is identified with the protection and patronage of her father. Playing her father's image, she can add confidence, wisdom and power to her partner. There is a slow but steady growth, as sincere care becomes the dominant note of this relationship.

Woman's Venus in conjunction with man's Saturn

This karmic aspect makes a man assume the role of his father and provide a solid foundation for a woman which he unconsciously treats as a daughter or sister. Although at times a woman considers him imperious and domineering, she, however, may give him a gentle affection and admiration, that his efforts deserve. Due to mutual respect and sincere concern, this aspect can generate long-term ties of love.

Man's Venus in conjunction with woman's Uranus

This aspect causes instantaneous attraction, which may be too strong to be prolonged. Man unconsciously identified with the figure of the anima, can respond to the free and independent woman's spirit, which he would like to achieve in himself. He admires her originality and unconventional behavior. A woman sees in a man her feminine side - too subtle to be expressed. As a result, one learns something about himself from the other. When love is combined with changes, it creates a strong sense of magnetism. However, while each partner is enriched with the experience, the attraction may be too intense to form a strong and lasting relationship.

Woman's Venus in conjunction with man's Uranus

A woman, in her role of Aphrodite, attracts an uranian man. He becomes her vital energy, enthusiasm and, in fact, a point of interest or understanding what life could mean. A man can release her natural instinct to love. If she is an exorbitant owner, he rebels, but if she understands what detached love he needs, then she can bring a lot to the relationship. Every day can bring new discoveries about the original and inventive way in which love can flourish.

Man's Venus in conjunction with woman's Neptune

In this female-oriented relationship man's love nature is mixed with woman's compassionate nature and creates a free flow of consciousness, through which their feelings for each other can be realized. The creative and artistic understanding is possible, as the positive characteristics of Venus are expressed through Neptune's understanding of divine love. Both partners are receptive to the needs of each other, because subconscious mutual adjustment helps the flow of their feelings.

Woman's Venus in conjunction with man's Neptune

With this aspect, musical and poetic qualities awaken in a man, because a woman is susceptible to his aesthetic sense. He can show her boundless ocean of love in which his senses float. Aphrodite may be intrigued and fascinated by the waves of imagination that surround her body. She can see her dreams in the elusive existence which are difficult to define. A man softens the outer world for her and teaches her to be in harmony with nature. This is one of the most beautiful aspects for unforgettable romance. However, it may lack practicality, which people look for in a long partnership or marriage.

Man's Venus in conjunction with woman's Pluto

This aspect makes a man identified with his anima, at the same time trying to transform. A woman can never let him know that she is actually his "shadow", expressing the latent tendencies of all that he loves. The reasons for her unstable reactions or intense emotions are often hidden. However, over time the intensity deepens, feelings cause a mystical bond that extends to the very core of love. The center of this relationship are man's transformations of the representation about his role.

Woman's Venus in conjunction with man's Pluto

Here a woman feels the depth of man's reactions, which she was not accustomed to openly express. Passionate sexual attraction brings two people together and supports the regenerating movement. Past is thrown away with each new discovery in the present. This love has a secret quality that retains its original essence. Rare people experience these feelings for long periods of time, as this aspect makes love to be mystically revived. When a woman finds herself, a man becomes aware of his regenerative power and takes his cosmic role.

Venus in Synastry

Venus squares in Synastry

Venus in square (quadrature) to Venus

Here a man is identified with a woman, and she sees manifestation of femininity in him. On a subconscious level he can feel a sense of failure, because his efforts to establish a connection with his partner make the impression of undue effort. As a result, this aspect is difficult for long-term relationship. A man must learn to retreat, if he wants to keep himself from the overbearing love.

Man's Venus in square to woman's Mars

A man and a woman experience roles permutation, because, trying to establish contact with each other, they tend to act as a partner. Thus subconscious needs are disclosed. A man, trying to identify himself with her energetic nature through a woman, must be faced with his own passivity. As he sees that his softness attracts her, it can be difficult to understand that she is trying to achieve her own femininity through him. Although this aspect creates sexual attraction, both partners need to understand each other if the relationship should be preserved.

Woman's Venus in square to man's Mars

As a result of powerful sexual magnetism this aspect can create a passionate and intense relationship. The instincts of a woman can reveal the "raw" instincts of a man. Since both partners communicate at the lowest level, the relationship appears to be lacking human attention. Everyone sees the possibility of satisfying sexual passion, but can not be contacted with the value of civilized decency. As a result, the relationship may not have enough internal moral or standards required to ensure that each individual is able to see a person in the other.

Man's Venus in square to woman's Jupiter

A man is faced with an open and expansive nature of a woman. He may try to attract her with his love, but her inner feeling of freedom and the desire for openness of consciousness can cause irritation in his possessive nature. She can see herself in him, but can not reveal femininity, which is looking for. As a result, she can get away from desired love or feel frustrated. If she abandons her freedom, she can find her feminine identification, but lose at the same time an independent understanding, which makes her a personality. Thus, this aspect creates a personal dilemma, which makes lasting relationship difficult.

Woman's Venus in square to man's Jupiter

This aspect makes a woman feel a sense of insecurity. Expecting to receive love, she can detect that the expansive nature of a man is looking for more from life than the relationship one-to-one. When she tries to offer the love and affection, his identification with the philosophical positions and distant ideas can be a source of constant irritation for her. Misunderstanding her intentions, he may try to delight her by knowledge or noble and chivalrous attitude, not by a gift of love and tenderness, which she seeks. If a man is willing to renounce the throne of his understanding, he may begin to perceive everything that she is trying to tell him.

Man's Venus in square to woman's Saturn

Karmic interaction of experiences can cause the growth of both partners. A man, unconsciously playing the female part, sees the power position of his father in a partner. As a woman suppresses his aesthetic sensibility, he symbolically re-experiences the feeling of love, which he gave to his father - the feeling,which seems to be perceived only with coldness. At the same time a woman can see herself receiving his father's role to help the consciousness of a man to reach maturity. A woman wants him to accept more responsibility, not focusing his feelings only on search of beauty and aesthetics that creates in her subconscious frustration. She probably would have preferred to play the female part in the relationship, if only a man was superior to her in strength. As a result, both partners experience difficult karmic lessons. Irritation, frustration, blockage of feelings, the feeling of dependence may be predominant factors in the relationship, that makes this aspect similar to the legendary Gordian knot.

Woman's Venus in square to man's Saturn

Here a woman is making her way through the subconscious issues that she has not solved with her father. She can take the role of a daughter, and as a result try to symbolically reach the expectations of her father through a relationship with a partner. A man, rather than dealing with her on an equal footing, underestimates her qualities which he wants to shape and change, so that she can comply with his saturnian standards. Karma, pointed by this aspect, includes training of each partner how to see in another individual, regardless of the role they both play, and to help each other in solving the problems of the past. A strong sense of attachment creates pseudo-family relationship. This aspect is very difficult, but it is often necessary for those people who need this experience as part of their evolutionary path.

Man's Venus in square to woman's Uranus

This aspect creates a spontaneous attraction that often results in a very troubled relationship. Man tries to keep a woman, reflecting the feminine nature, which, as he feels, she is looking for, while she is fighting for her mental space. As a result, this relationship is characterized by the quality of simultaneous attraction and repulsion. The uncertainty of both partners can be accentuated by an unstable and impermanent nature of this aspect. The relationship can easily get the hurricane quality, which occures without any apparent reason.

Woman's Venus in square to man's Uranus

Here the powerful magnetic attraction creates a strong stimulation to the relationship. The instincts of a woman, aimed at warming, comforting and maybe even owning a man, are repressed by his sense of individuality and independence. He sees her as one of his aspirations, but when he reaches her, then starts to worry about the idealization of personal freedom. Thus, on his part there is almost dispassionate sense of distant admiration that he does not fully understand.

Man's Venus in square to woman's Neptune

A man tries to find his dream through his own feminine part. Instead of treating a woman as she really is, he is apt to see his own collection of memories and illusions. At the same time she can understand her feminine nature through him, but can not feel the ground under her feet in this relationship. Although both partners have sensitivity, compassion and gentleness, the tension is caused by the fact that none of them really knows his real identity. Partnership may lack the spark of intelligence that might put mind over the senses.

Woman's Venus in square to man's Neptune

This aspect apparently adds depressive note to the relationship. A woman tries to see all that she idealizes in a man. He intrigues her with impression of his personality, which obscures or hides his real character. The more she is susceptible to his charm and mystery, the more loses her own concept of a "woman". Sensuality, teasing and testing of magnetic forces can hide the true love that each of them is looking for. The element of doubt in this aspect prevents a woman to fully trust a man, even if she is continuously drawn into the mystery of his magnetism.

Man's Venus in square to woman's Pluto

Soft feminine loving nature of a man can encounter the rough and subconscious impulses of his partner. A woman can be a threat to his sense of confidence and reliability, because she upsets his values - the very things which he believes may soften her feelings for him. The more he responds to his figure of the anima, the more feels humiliated. Although this aspect increases sexual attraction, for a man it is usually associated with too much friction, so he does not feel comfortable in the relationship. However, due to her partner a woman can be transformed, she can learn to eliminate rude behavior, becoming less volatile and more agile woman.

Woman's Venus in square to man's Pluto

A woman feels all that a man can not see in himself. While he sees a woman in her natural role, she sees the inner perception, which affects his mind. Nevertheless, it can be very difficult for her to deal with this relationship, because his intensity tends to knock her off balance. The more she tries to help a man to be transformed, the more loses herself. With this aspect spiritual growth can occur, but the confusion and upheavals, that cause growth, may be too difficult for long-term partnership or marriage.

Venus trines in Synastry

Venus in trine to Venus

This aspect helps to create easy and free flow, since both partners experience compatible feelings and have harmonious interest in the aesthetic side of life. A man feels a certain identification with his figure of the anima, but this, in turn, increases the cooperation instinct in a woman. If there are other compatible aspects, then a strong partnership or marriage can occur out of the common feelings of decency and morality.

Man's Venus in trine to woman's Mars

This is one of the most interesting aspects that may arise in the relationship. A man feels his unconscious identification with the female part, while a woman is unconsciously identified with her masculine side. In this case, the permutation of roles is harmonious, as each partner refers favorably to the other. Sexual attraction can be not as strong as in the case of conjunction, opposition or square. A woman plays more energetic role. All in all, a moderate tension of this aspect can cause much more durable and long-lasting relationship, than more fragile aspects, causing only enhanced sexuality, but less harmony.

Woman's Venus in trine to man's Mars

With this aspect both partners attain the natural compatibility because they express normal partner roles. The energy of a man complements the need for activity of a woman. At the same time her promotion reinforces the expression of his ego. Sexual attraction is moderate, but the relationship is imbued with a sense of cooperation and harmony, as each of the partners can really be himself and share with the other. This is an excellent aspect for a long and lasting friendship or marriage.

Man's Venus in trine to woman's Jupiter

The power of love becomes the predominant focus of the relationship. A man, through his anima, can perceive higher mental understanding of his partner. A woman typically provides light that he receives due to his sensitivity. Collaboration, cooperation and extensive growth - these are the key notes of this relationship through which both partners can reap the benefits of prosperity and happiness.

Woman's Venus in trine to man's Jupiter

This aspect brings joy, a sense of optimism and prosperity in the relationship. Free mind of a man provides light of wisdom, which warms the susceptibility of a woman and strengthens her ability to love. She admires his remarkable qualities and gently encourages ideas that help him rise to his higher 'I'. If other areas of man's chart indicate stability, this aspect can bring happiness to strong relationship. Thus, symbolic gladiator carries in his arms his beloved lady.

Man's Venus in trine to woman's Saturn

A man learns about his own power through protecting and supporting position of a woman. She protects and supports him, playing a role in which her father was perceived by her in childhood. A man can see in her his own father, remembering as he was encouraged to translate creative ideas into practical form. Due to patient care and strong love, this aspect can cause a kind of marriage where each partner outgrows his childhood patterns to understand the realization and personal development.

Woman's Venus in trine to man's Saturn

A woman admires strength and protecting qualities of her partner. He is her strength, her defense and doctrine, that strengthen her character. As a father figure for his symbolical daughter, a man teaches a woman how to direct her creative energy and focus her love instinct, so they eventually have more value and meaning. The result of this harmonious aspect can be stable and lasting love.

Man's Venus in trine to woman's Uranus

This aspect brings the interest to the relationship, but it is too unstable to plan stable future. An element of fate plays a strong role in this partnership. Unstable qualities of a woman excite, but also perplex a man, who may subconsciously identify with his anima, trying to show the partner how she can achieve internal order. At the same time she can see herself in him, as he provides a "nest" for her flights of fancy. Sometimes this aspect causes the sexual confusion or even homosexual tendencies, as each of the partners examines the effectiveness of chosen role. In the best case the excited interest is possible, but not a solid understanding which can create a strong union.

Woman's Venus women in trine to man's Uranus

A woman is excited by originality, ingenuity and unique qualities of a man. She sees him as a "violator of traditions" and, in fact, as a means to break the patterns of the past, that are no longer interesting for her. The relationship is imbued with great interest to art or searching for best comfort, however, they have a note of instability, as a free man's mind can cause a feeling of insecurity in a woman. Here there is dispassionate sense of alienation, by which a man retains his unique and independent personality.

Man's Venus in trine to woman's Neptune

This aspect helps to create a soft flow of susceptibility, which brings subconscious tuning to similar frequencies in music, art and everything that softens and soothes the senses. A man through his feminine or sensitive part often learns about his creative abilities. At the same time a woman sees herself through him and can find a cozy corner for her entire romanticism, sentimentality and compassion. The tone of attunement and warmth lures a man to dip in the soothing waters of love.

Woman's Venus in trine to man's Neptune

A woman reaches her highest part due to a man. She hears the call of his subliminal music that draws her to him through the obscure shades of colorful impressions. This relationship is imbued with a romantic and visionary tone, as she dissolves into man's thin unconsciousness. Like the changeable mirror, he shows her a kaleidoscope of impressions that reflect her feelings. She is music, and he is an inspiration, singing a song of love, which plaintive melody is a stream of consciousness in which this relationship flows.

Man's Venus in trine to woman's Pluto

Here the warmth of a man complements woman's depth. She sees the light, which he offers her, at the bottom of her well. He invites her to transform her lower nature, climb out of internal hell to the perfect simplicity of self-recognition. Soft transformations cause a significant growth in both partners. A man is aware of the power of his ability to love, and a woman sees the light of love over the top of the well, as they move towards each other.

Woman's Venus in trine to man's Pluto

From roots in the darkness of the ground a flowering plant grows as a result. A man is searching in the dark to protect a woman he loves. The more he does this, the more transforms his low-lying inland qualities until eventually turns into an angel of light, after which she will follow. She gives him her warmth in the process, enriching herself as a result of his mysterious quest. Seeing her light at the end of the tunnel, he touches the fruits of kindness, which were, as it seemed to him, out of his reach, as both partners begin to share the great depth of feelings.

Venus oppositions in Synastry

Venus in opposition to Venus

In this aspect the tastes and tendencies of two people are opposite to each other. Therefore, in an attempt to find harmony in the relationship it is hard to find satisfaction simultaneously. Yet here perhaps a sense of fairness is possible, which may help to the growth of both individuals. If the planets are in male signs, the relationship seems to symbolize man's weak resistance to his anime. If the planets are in female signs, they show where a woman confronts herself. However, the mere existence of this relationship indicates that opposite values can attract two people to each other.

Man's Venus in opposition to woman's Mars

Rearrange of the male and female roles makes each partner to fight for his identity because of the projection of the anima/animus. Sexual attraction is strong, but the man is internally perturbed with the energy and perseverance of a woman playing a role that he would play himself. At the same time she is outraged by his humility and obedience. Thus, each of them must make concessions to the other, if the relationship should be preserved.

Woman's Venus in opposition to man's Mars

This aspect enhances the sexual attraction, but also reflects the way in which both partners symbolically play archetypal differences between genders. A woman sees the individualistic side of a man. She needs his attention, but does not know how to achieve him without violating her feminine sensitivity. At the same time a man can feel a sense of hostility, interpreting it as her indifference. This aspect causes a tendency of misunderstanding, even if both partners have good intentions.

Man's Venus in opposition to woman's Jupiter

With this aspect, the love nature of a man is opposed to philosophical views, attitudes and beliefs of his partner. Although he may be over-committed to her free spirit, he may be not able to effectively link her to a stable and lasting relationship, which he seeks. A woman sees in him her feminine side, but this is not the femininity that is consistent with her philosophical view of life. As a result, she tends to rush in different directions to avoid the possibility of being caught in what seems to be a trap of Venus to her. A man stands in the valley, looking at the mountain, on which he is going to climb, and which may not contain all that he needs. A woman, looking down at her partner, dispassionately gives him her wisdom, but can not understand the value of love and protection that he offers her.

Woman's Venus in opposition to man's Jupiter

Here a woman is disappointed by the inability to reach the truth through her feeling of love. Free spirit and active mind of a man become a source of constant irritation for her. She can not be herself, not being in conflict with his sense of truth and dignity. As a result, she feels a conflict between the love she feels and the light to which she aspires. Sometimes this aspect causes waste of money, as a man spends all that a woman is trying to save. A valley is secretly trying to encircle a mountain, whose wide eyes can not see valley's intentions.

Man's Venus in opposition to woman's Saturn

With this aspect, a man fights with subconscious conflicts with father through his anima. He feels himself standing below his partner, whose imperiousness may be too much for him. The conflict between traditional parental pursuit of practicality and youthful man's interest in art, music, aesthetics and expression of true feelings come to the fore in this relationship. A woman tries to find her artistic and natural side, and inwardly resents responsibility and burden which she must bear. When she pushes the burden on a man, he, in turn, feels unappreciated for his susceptibility. Thus, the free flow of love is constrained by karmic learning process, in which each partner has to be faced with one of his very difficult sides.

Woman's Venus in opposition to man's Saturn

A woman can subconsciously realize how her father restrained the development of her individuality. As a result, she feels that she needs to gain a foothold in front of her partner. A man may play his father's role to avoid the feeling of vulnerability to the female aura. Here karma between the roles of a father and daughter will be practiced, as long as each of the partners will not be able to assess the value of the other. Coldness of saturnian wall is holding back the natural flow of feelings in the relationship, so that it can hardly show the easy and free expression of love.

Man's Venus in opposition to woman's Uranus

This difficult aspect causes a strong and spontaneous attraction of two people who are essentially incompatible. The more a man reacts to unconventionality of a woman, the more counteracts his own image of the anima. He can either continue to pursue the unusual women (which in some cases reveals his homosexual tendencies) or to break away from her, keeping thus his concept of "woman" for a suitable relationship.

Woman's Venus in opposition to man's Uranus

Here, a woman discovers that feeling of freedom, which she seeks through her partner, is in contradiction with her true nature. The relationship may contain strong magnetic attraction, but at the same time annoying conflicts. The more a woman admires the spirit of originality of her partner, the more encourages him to rebel against her affection. She supports her Spartan, that he was strong enough to fight, but she will lose him when he finds his strength.

Man's Venus in opposition to woman's Neptune

In this relationship with a female orientation a man is confused by the fact that his anima does not cease to elude him. Trying to get the reflection through his partner, he tries to reveal her sensitivity in his hidden feminine part. However, the more love she finds in him, the more he loses his fullness. He is intrigued by his partner and at the same time unconsciously annoyed by archetypal confusion. To maintain a comfortable concept of "woman", he can inevitably sacrifice the woman he loves.

Woman's Venus in opposition to man's Neptune

A woman tries to find the highest expression of her soft compassionate nature in a man who never ceases to "destroy" her efforts to win his love. The more she pursues a dream, the more loses herself, until eventually she becomes a dream, trying to reach an image that she once was. This aspect can cause defeatist behavior of a woman, while a man communicates with his partner through the illusions and images, which he considers attractive. Thus, it is difficult for both partners to achieve a lasting relationship.

Man's Venus in opposition to woman's Pluto

This is a very passionate and unstable aspect that often leads to isolation and the breakdown of a relationship. A man subconsciously feels his own feminine side and tries to destroy everything that he considers as a weakness. A woman sees herself in him, but can not understand her destructive power, which does not cease to fight with his giving nature. As a result of this aspect difficult transformations can be achieved, as a powerful sexual force reaches feelings, meets with resistance and eventually contrives to lead to the surface a new awareness that causes growth.

Woman's Venus in opposition to man's Pluto

A woman feels the passion and inconstancy of a man, which originate at the lowest levels and spend her through the difficult changes. A woman gives her love, while a man destroys everything in her that is an obstacle to her growth. In this process, the soft soothing vibration of Venus constantly feels threatened, as the understanding of love is put to the test on the deepest levels. In seeking approval of a partner, a woman loses herself in the process of revolution, which - if she is able to withstand it - will eventually lead to a new awareness. It's too difficult aspect, and it often destroys relationships, regardless of the other strong points available to partners.

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