Taurus Sign - Characteristic

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) - working with the material, with matter, on this level the concept of wealth occurs. It is important to learn how to work with money (with the golden calf), wealth. Each person has in the head a kind of stopper, an amount that is significant for him (ceiling), and this amount varies in the course of life. Taurus works with the notion of what constitutes wealth. If a person won Taurus within himself, he can have all the treasures. In order to earn something, you have something to invest. In Taurus, we are working with our own greed, with limiter of the material.

Quality: Working with the matter, with wealth.

Taurus sign

Taurus - a sign of Earth, fixed. Rulership of Taurus sign - Venus. Exaltation of Moon. Detriment of Mars. Fall of Uranus.

In love Taurus is gentle, passionate and loyal, but very jealous. Jealousy often causes fury. However, he knows how to forgive. Marriage to him is one of the fundamental values of life, and for the sake of its preservation Taurus can go to great lengths. He likes beautiful, powerful, "prominent" partners, which attract the attention of others. Representatives of this sign are able to build strong family relationships.

Strengths of Taurus sign: perseverance, practicality, diligence and understanding of art and the beauty of nature, love of life and the ability to bring joy, to create comfort. Possible weaknesses: stubbornness, conservatism, greed.

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