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Astrological Compatibility

Synastry, which means astrological compatibility, is a broad concept, which allows to analyze not only a love relationship, but also business, family, friendship and relations in the team. At this page you can find the answer to the most popular of these issues - about relations between man and woman. Just enter your and your partner's date of birth and get the answer that takes into account three parameters - physical (sexual), emotional (attractiveness) and soul compatibility (love). The calculations are performed without taking into account the time and place of birth, and thus have a certain imprecision. It can be calculated more accurately by a specialist, with full information, but the proposed method in most cases also shows credible results.

Many online synastry services give to a visitor, who came to analyze his/her relationship, a list of aspects between natal charts, and this is considered to be an answer. In most cases such an answer appears to be useless, because visitors rarely have an experience of analyzing astrological aspects. This service does not give you a list of aspects, it gives the conclusion, and it is more important. But you may ask - isn't it fake? Do you really calculate something or just take results out of thin air? My answer is - it is real, and aspects are calculated, no doubt. If you wish, we can discuss all the aspects at the forum. The service just gives main results and no superfluity.








The positive values about 4-5 points mean a high degree of compatibility for the chosen parameter. Such a result can be trusted. The positive values about 2-3 points mean a good compatibility, but the reliability of this result is lower. The same is true for negative values: minus 4 - minus 5 points - a poor compatibility and possible negative attitude, and this result is usually quite accurate. Minus 2 - minus 3 points - not a very good compatibility, but this result is less reliable. The values from minus 1 to plus 1 point - compatibility is neutral, with a possible bias in one direction or another.

You can ask any questions about results you received in the "Synastry Discussion" forum's topic.