Synastry - Partners' Compatibility

Synastry in astrology means partners' compatibility, it is one of the most important questions, which concerns all people. Parents should know the features of their interaction with child in order not to harm him. The couple wants to understand whether their disagreements are serious or temporary. In business, people carefully choose their business partners. The section of astrology called synastry will help in addressing these challenges.

Considering synastry section in order to determine compatibility between man and woman, we may distinguish several key points affecting the union:

  1. The tendency to conflict;
  2. Print of happiness or print of unhappiness in the relationship;
  3. Sexual, sensual compatibility;
  4. Psychological compatibility;
  5. Outer compatibility;
  6. The formula of love;
  7. Benefit or damage from the partner;
  8. Formula of causing physical harm.

Compatible couple

In each case, the relationship of particular pair may have many nuances associated with features of the horoscope of the individual. However, the above items are still fundamental for consideration.

In the natal chart of the individual, there is an indication of the alleged partner, of the preferable type of relationship. Using the horoscope, we can determine signs of the zodiac that are most favorable to communicate without conflicts and problems, and that which are the least useful.

1. The Tendency to Conflict

According to the studies, most marriages fail not because of problems in sex or bad understanding, but because of the conflict. In horoscopes it is a tense interaction of these planets: Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

When there is tense interaction of Mars of the one partner with Mars of the other, a desire to cause physical harm may occur.

Tension between Mars and Jupiter gives a loud, noisy scandals with crockery smashing, doors slamming, shouting and accusations, as if there is a gun, it may be used. Because Mars shows physical damage, and Jupiter loves light, sound effects, producing a maximum noise.

Intense interaction between Mars and Saturn can be very dramatic. This is an extreme degree of anger and hatred. Mars wants to be in physical contact, and Saturn keeps hatred within, clenching teeth.

Disharmonious interaction of Mars and Pluto also gives the danger of violence to each other. If Mars is committed to physical contact, that Pluto will not be tolerated, and will give a fitting rebuff.

Stressful aspects between Jupiters can talk about the charges against each other, about slamming doors.

Tension between Saturn and Jupiter gives cruel and unjust accusations of all mortal sins.

Disharmonious interaction between Pluto and Jupiter causes violent conflicts, anger and unjust accusations.

Saturn and Pluto in disharmonious combination cause the conflicts in which one is not inferior to the other. Saturn does it silently, resisting and not yielding. Pluto will throw accusations defiantly and publicly.

Tension between the two Plutos occurs for people with same age or with difference of 40-45 years. Here the conflict is expressed in a dictatorship, when everyone wants to have his own.

2. Print of Happiness-Unhappiness.

The print of happiness or unhappiness in synastry can significantly affect the relationship.

In ancient astrology Jupiter was considered the greatest happiness. Therefore harmonious aspects of Jupiter to partner's Sun and Moon give a sense of happiness and fullness of life to partner. This aspect is called "print of happiness" and gives the happy union.

Saturn is assosiated with doom, dark influences, misfortune. Stressful aspects of Saturn to Moon and Sun in partner's horoscope give him the feeling of disharmony. Conventionally, this aspect is called "print of unhappiness."

Since Jupiter is a good planet, and Saturn evil, the connection with these planets will be corresponding - good and evil. Stressful aspects of Jupiter to Sun and Moon and harmonious aspects of Saturn to Sun and Moon are not considered and are not essential, strongly affecting the harmony and stability of the union.

Often the presence or absence of print of unhappiness does not affect the stability of the union. Each partner reconciles with the pressure his way, it rather depends on what sign of the Zodiac and what gender he belongs to. In most cases woman remains depressed because of the female adaptability and flexibility. Therefore, she can live long enough in a union where husband's Saturn affects her Sun. But over time, the husband loses interest in his wife because she became less bright than when meeting with him, less interesting, a scornful attitude appears, and eventually he leaves his family. Men are less likely to tolerate subordination, so the marriage where the woman's Saturn hits man's Moon or Sun are rarer. Publicly demonstrating her superiority, the woman is the cause of alcoholism and failed career of her husband.

In any case in the end Saturn leaves. It turns out that the one who leaves family is partner, whose Saturn affects partner's Sun or Moon. Because he does not respect, suppresses, neglects partner and eventually loses interest in him.

Synastry - astrological compatibility

Synastry - astrological compatibility.

3. Sexual Compatibility.

Sensual basis of sexual relations in a male horoscope provide Moon and Venus, in a female - Sun and Mars.

Harmonious aspects provide harmony in sexual relationships. Disharmonious create tension and aggravation of feelings, passion in relationship appears. Passionate relationships are likely to be short-lived, as the tense interaction of sexual planets leads to nervous exhaustion or mismatch of sensual desires. For long-term unions disharmonious aspects are considered to be less favorable. For example, Mars in conjunction with Moon moves partner to tears.

Even if the interaction of the sexual planets is unfortunate, this is not a valid reason for divorce or dissolution of the union. Sexual dissatisfaction in marriage is one of the last reasons leading to divorce.

4. Psychological Compatibility.

Psychological compatibility expresses itself in sincerity, understanding, tenderness, mutual concern. It is determined by the participation of the following pairs: Venus and Moon of one person with Venus and Moon of another, Sun with another Sun. Venus is responsible for the kindness, sympathy, compassion, Moon gives kindness, care and attention, Sun - a common vision of world and mutual understanding. When these planets have harmonious aspects, it indicates friendliness between people. Disharmonious influence of these planets does not lead to serious inconsistencies and break, but can spoil the atmosphere.

5. Outer Interaction.

It is the outward manifestation of sexuality, it allows to evaluate the interaction of man and woman with regard to their gender, manifestations of femininity and masculinity in the presence of a partner. In this block we consider the interaction of male Mars and Sun with female Moon and Venus.

When there is good cooperation of these planets, man and woman are externally perceived by others as a couple, a single unit. If the interaction of these planets is stressful, the appearance of partners may conflict with each other. The surrounding people may perceive them as completely foreign to each other people.

6. The Formula of Love.

Here we are talking about the elements from V and VII houses of horoscopes of man woman. The interaction can be created even by not sexual planets. The analysis is based on studying the natal chart of partners. The owners and planets of these houses are considered, as well as sexual planets as elements of these houses. The harmonious interaction of these fields leads to marriage, and hard aspects can talk about long-term union without registration.

7. Benefit and Damage from the Partner.

Black Moon - a fictitious point in space and a special element of the horoscope. Black Moon means gains and losses. Its harmonious effect on the partner's planets brings material benefit, and disharmonious aspects talk about the financial damage caused by a partner. Often, one spouse married lives at the expense of another, it does not mean a bad union or a failed relationship. In the case of a business partnership the negative aspects of the Black Moon can not be ignored.

Ascending Lunar Node is related to karmic component of relationships. The harmonious aspects of Lunar Node to partner's planets tell that the first is a conductor of good karma, and the tension may indicate that the partner spoils karma, he can be its tool. However, it does not affect strength and happiness in the union.

8. Formula of Causing Physical Harm.

The formula of physical harm occurs when abstsissors (elements of the VIII house) of one partner affect hylegs (elements of the I and X houses) of another. This interaction suggests that the first partner may be harmful and cause the death of another, intentionally or by inadvertence.

Unhappy union should not be saved in spite of common sense, it can badly affect your psyche and physical health. Keeping the family for children is a delusion, really intense conflicts injure the psyche of the child. In addition, the conflict union may end in tragedy, do not tempt fate.

If the union is unsuccessful do not look for the culprits. Perhaps separately these two are wonderful people, but they are not compatible with each other. Every person has the prospect of a new union with a suitable partner that fits you like a picture in puzzle, everyone has a chance to be happy.

So let us sum up our theme - synastry as compatibility of partners.

For a stable union in compatibility the following points are important:

  1. Lack of heightened conflict.
  2. Sexual compatibility
  3. Psychological interaction
  4. Print of happiness
  5. Outer compatibility

What destroys union:

  1. Increased conflict
  2. Print of unhappiness
  3. Lack of sex and lack of understanding deteriorate relationships, but do not lead to the final collapse of the union.

You can try our online compatibility test at the "Synastry Calculator" page
(based on the aspects of Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the average position of Moon).

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