Sun Aspects in Synastry

In this article we consider the aspects, which Sun of one of the partners creates with the planets of the other. Four most important Sun aspects in synastry are described below - conjunction, square (also known as quadrature), trine and opposition.

  1. Conjunctions
  2. Squares
  3. Trines
  4. Oppositions

Sun conjunctions in synastry

Sun in conjunction with Sun

This aspect creates a natural warmth and attraction to a similar perspective in life. Here there is a strong tendency to rivalry, which can reveal the best of both individuals. Since two birthdays fall on the same day or within several days of each other, there are some difficulties with the achievement of a balance in the relationship. Experiences of both partners can be so similar that one may be depressed or elated at the same time as the other. It is necessary to consider the other planets in the charts to see whether subjective energy will be balanced somewhere else.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Moon

It's the perfect combination for the detection of natural splendor in a man, because a woman is susceptible to it. In relations a man will dominate, but a woman can carry a protective maternal role. This aspect brings to the partnership insight and understanding, as well as traditional marriage prospects. These relationships have the creativity and feelings - two necessary components for complete experience.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Moon

This aspect represents a relationship in which a woman is dominant. Although between two individuals have a natural affinity, man eventually becomes receptive female follower. With such a relationship different forms of resentment and indignation can be manifested. If a man can take the role of reflecting the light and power of women, this aspect can be the basis for a compatible union.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Mercury

This aspect enhances mental awareness and creates a relationship based on good communication. In this relationship the woman is most valued for her ability to express ideas than for her femininity. As Sun is the center of the solar system, the center of this relationship is a man. A woman discovers that her ideas are easily accepted and encouraged due to the optimism emanating from her partner.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Mercury

This aspect creates a relationship with a strong female dominant. A man can feel it as a threat, because he is afraid to be brought down to the role of a child. He can learn a lot from a woman, as she appreciates him not for his sexuality, but for his mental potential. She will encorage him with warmth and optimism, helping the development of his mind.

Man's Sun in connection with the woman's Venus

This aspect refers to the natural warmth and attention in the relationship. On a subconscious level it is the usual care, in many respects similar to the interchange between father and daughter. Shining Sun and love symbolized by Venus join together to create a sense of harmony.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Venus

This aspect appears in the relationship in which the man must have been pampered in a past. Now he must draw masculine power from strong woman. She is the center of this relationship. Thanks to her "shining" and support, his creativity is revealed. Woman will continue to generate additional power, because her subconsciousness will manifest itself through man.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Mars

This aspect refers to the active and progressive relationship. A woman can draw power from a man and take the necessary steps in life due to the influence of a partner. Between them can be a rivalry, but this energy can be transformed through a common interest in the sport and activity. Strengthening of sexuality is possible, as a woman is attracted to the physical and emotional contest with a partner.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Mars

With this aspect, a man is trying to defeat his partner, because he perceives her power and pride as an obstacle that must be overcome. Aggressive sexuality is possible. Here there is a strong urge to activity, achievement and progress. Two flames burn as one.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Jupiter

The result of this aspect may be an abundance or dispersal of energy, since it strengthens and extends the experience of two individuals. A man is focused, whereas a woman longs for freedom. Along with the positive energy there may be some frustration of a man. He thinks he should firmly hold the relationship. A woman feels an urge to escape and attraction to a partner at the same time. With this aspect, they may want to chase the great wealth or invest energy in their education.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Jupiter

This beneficial aspect fills the relationship with hope and optimism. Both individuals feel a sense of freedom and enjoy the opportunity to share with each other. Wisdom and respect combine with a healthy spirit of competition, which adds vitality to this relationship. It is a powerful aspect of growth that can lead to material and spiritual wealth.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Saturn

This aspect creates a sober relationship, based on the woman's judgment. Overflowing energy of a man is restrained by the mature wisdom of his partner. There may be a manifestation of role-playing games as well as a woman is subconsciously inclined to project the image of her father at her partner. As a result, she performs karma, teaching him how to develop a strong sense of inner security and confidence. The strength of this aspect can help the relationship go through the most difficult obstacles, because feminine sense of values and the ability to understand correctly are added to everything that her partner is doing. A man, like an eagle in the nest, proudly looks around his possessions. A woman provides a solid fortress, which will support his power.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Saturn

Here a man gives a woman a maturity and wisdom. He adds dignity, accuracy and compliance with social traditions to her life style. As a result, the relationship begins to symbolize something more than two people involved in it. A man performs karma of giving power to his partner, and a woman begins to realize her potential. This is strong connection for the marriage, as it strengthens over the years. A woman is like a flowering plant, and a man is guarding her bloom.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Uranus

With this aspect the relationship is especially lively. A woman generates excited and eccentric ideas that make a man focus on his own strength. A lot of changes, surprises and unexpected events will occur. The constant state of nervousness or sparkling electrification may be the norm for this relationship. The relationship of this type represents the conflict between the traditional and eccentric. Although there is a lot of excitement, the relationship lacks stability, which is necessary for the long duration, if only partners are not really mature.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Uranus

Here a woman, who is trying to be herself, must confront a man trying to change her. She finds him attractive, she is attracted by his unconventional manners. When the power and the will are connected, a sense of direction must present, since both forces are in need of a common goal. Without it, the relationship may be active, but brittle, resembling the short-term brightness of the recreation park on Independence Day.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Neptune

The strength and pride of a man in connection with neat tricks of a woman make this relationship intriguing but difficult. Sun and Neptune symbolize the light and love, the powers necessary for spiritual attainment. In this relationship, both people should be considerate and sensitive to each other. If so, their union will be like the foam stream of impressions, sparkling in the morning light. If this is not the case, the relationship starts to resemble thick clouds that hide the Sun.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Neptune

Here a man charms a woman. With soft sympathy he can reveal her artistic sensitivity. A man may be evasive, as he tries to find some obscure or mystical sense of power. If both partners have realistic goals, intuitive communication and mutual sensitivity to non-verbal transmission of thoughts will increasingly connect them together. A man understands a woman in the same way as water sees the sun, which warms it.

Man's Sun in conjunction with woman's Pluto

This aspect suggests the possibility of unstable relationships. The combination of dark subconscious motivations of a woman and light of a man creates passionate extremes. All the best and the worst is being tested in all matters. A man can transform a woman because of his light, and she can lead him to the depths, the existence of which he had never known. Fountain of truth is bubbling out of the well.

Woman's Sun in conjunction with man's Pluto

This aspect suggests the possibility of exploitative relations, because a man can try to find value in his partner, which he can not find in himself. At the same time a woman tries to transform her partner, giving him a light. Usually she suffers, as he brings her into contact with the powers to which she may be unprepared. If the relationship continues, she becomes stronger and can eventually learn to find the depths that a man has shown. Just uncovering what looked like an eclipse, a woman begins to understand the cause of the mysterious depths, which she experienced.

sun aspects in synastry

Sun squares in synastry

Sun in square (quadrature) to Sun

This is a very difficult aspect. Both individuals are striving to achieve self-realization, but because of their different ways of life, there will be some fight. Common life is like a treadmill with disappointments and obstacles to progress. However, the obstacles - it is built of stones path to empowerment. If a woman is aware that the ability to identify with femininity is secondary to identification with her full "I", then difficulties can be replaced by a balanced optimism that leads to mutual self-esteem and a new awareness. Two light sources are waiting for their turn to shine.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Moon

This aspect is the reason for the difficulties between partners as they try to reach their instinctive identity. Both may have the same purpose, but due to past circumstances, everyone has his own idea of how to get there. Man must overcome subconscious memories of his mother; a woman must stop to obey the unconscious perception of her father. If this is achieved, the relationship can work for the benefit of both partners.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Moon

This aspect causes the difficulty of perception and understanding. Often there is a misunderstanding of feelings, perspectives and principles, as each individual wages an internal struggle associated with sexual expression. A woman can doubt her femininity, and a man - his masculinity. This personal problem will affect the relatipnship by blocking more important aspirations, while each partner learns to overcome reshuffle of male-female roles through which they check each other.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Mercury

Here, a man sees a woman as a "challenge". He may want to influence the development of her femininity and sexuality. She can react to it rather at platonic level or as at her father's image. The tension, caused by mental interchange of ideas, promotes growth, but for the tenderness necessary in the man-woman relations it can be hard to find expression.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Mercury

This aspect works well in a platonic relationship because a woman can subconsciously see her partner as the image of brother. In marriage or in long sexual relationship man's expectations can be not justified. Tension can occur, which is difficult to express, and that can cause a lack of emotional satisfaction, ending in disappointment. However, in working or platonic relationship this aspect can cause a lot of interesting ideas and labor energy, even if the inner harmony needed to work together is imperfect.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Venus

This is one of the most frustrating aspects of astrology. It causes sexual attraction, and each individual is hoping to find what he is looking for in another. But the relationship, apparently, do not reach its goal. A woman can have some serious flaw, which makes her vulnerable, and a man can lack self-knowledge required for the expression of potential, which a woman sees in him. As a result, this aspect can be a source of internal frustration for both people.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Venus

This aspect refers to the tendency to interchange the male and female roles on a subconscious level. A woman often tries to find herself through the male energy, expressed by her partner, but she does not consider him as a man. And conversely, a man sees everything he wanted to be in a woman, but is not aware of her femininity. Instead, he feels his own feminine side. A woman can move through the last conflict with her father. A man continues to search for his male role. If two people are not mature enough to pave the way through these difficulties in previous relationships, their relationship may come to a standstill.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Mars

This aspect causes the strong differences that make relationship almost impossible. A man feels that his masculinity is projected onto him instead of moving from him, while a woman, perhaps, is desperately looking for her femininity. The presence of a strong sexual energy in the relationship is possible, but due to its double positive polarity no one of the partners fully understands how to balance the energy.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Mars

This aspect indicates impulsivity of relationship. Energetic qualities of a man lit a sympathetic vibration in a woman. She should use her position of power and authority (ie, her masculine side) to withstand a furious attack of a knight in shining armor. Even if romantic overtones present in the relationship, they are usually secondary to the battles, through which each individual puts to the test his assertiveness.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Jupiter

This aspect causes significant differences in ideologies which are becoming more important with the development of relationship than in the beginning. Mismatch of the values due to the differences in relation to truth, honor, dignity, religion or education causes personal autonomy, which becomes the focal point for the quarrels. It emphasizes the independence of each individual.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Jupiter

This aspect creates the predominant tone of self-righteous independence, because of which it is difficult to get close to the other person. Feeling of philosophical distance in a man makes a woman feel that her individuality is not so important in the relationship, as it should be. As a result, each individual feels frustration because of the inability to approach the other. This relationship may point to the fun and excitement, but very little real convergence occurs at the level where the hearts and minds meet.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Saturn

This aspect creates difficult karmic relationships. A man symbolically seeks to overcome the limitations of his father. He subconsciously chose this relationship, because he explores the value of going beyond the limits of his heredity. He may wonder whether he will be able to cope with the guilt complex, involved in this process. He cam look at a woman in a paternal role, as she symbolically embodies limitations and traditions that he intends to overcome. A woman can see that she deprives herself of freedom in this relationship. A man gives her hope and optimism, but she must also cope with a strong earthly reality. There can be many hidden challenges, as both partners are aware of the need to achieve. Through the fight everyone is trying to strengthen and support the dignity of another. Man may eventually overgrow his partner, but if it happens, he must help her to strengthen her self-esteem.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Saturn

With this difficult karmic aspect a woman may unconsciously try to overshadow the image of her father, the family's expectations or traditions that shaped her life. She can regarded a man as a symbolic bounding authority figure, which she should outperform if going to find herself. He, in turn, tries to ground the relationship, making it real and responsible. Complex problems and frustrations caused by the feeling of a woman that she is deprived of the opportunity to experience a full acceptance. As a result, obstacles and limitations are possible, and she can overcome them only when recognizes the full force of her "I". She must protect the dignity of a man (even if his ideas are contrary to her views), before she can fully understand her own strength.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Uranus

With this aspect a man should re-evaluate his concept of "woman" as she refuses to accept his leadership. A woman believes that she can help him better because of her different approach to life, but because of pride, symbolized by Sun, it is hard for a man to take her unorthodox behavior, as he would prefer to see her in a more "normal" female role. Her unpredictability is interpreted as a threat, because he is often not able to control her or her sexuality. Despite these difficulties, this aspect can be excellent for growth, as the achievement may be due to progressive ideas, but the relationship is lacking susceptible concessions needed for an extended partnership.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Uranus

This aspect is disappointing. A woman sees contradictions in a man and feels that he does not really appreciate her warmth. Numerous changes in direction of the relationship are possible, often unpredictable and without any obvious reason. Attractiveness, which is present at the beginning of the relationship, often gives rise to the expectation of excessive gaiety, too much excitement and anxiety. A woman finally realizes that a man chosen by her lacks accuracy and thoroughness to which she aspires.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Neptune

This aspect can bring romance, but can also prevent deep contact necessary for long relationships. It is difficult for a man to understand mental wavelength of his partner, as she tends to move away to other "mental spheres". This causes difficulty of communication at inner levels. As a result, a man constantly aspires to a woman, but never reaches her. This situation is reminiscent of the constant courtship, eventually leads a man to realize that he always remains empty-handed. If the relationship should work, a woman needs to understand that she can not constantly mislead him.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Neptune

Here we find the deception "embedded" in the relationship. A woman can have too idealistic expectations, which her partner can not match. Often the attraction is based only on physical appearance and dreams that excite the subconscious of a woman. When reality shows up, a woman can find that man is not a dream, but a very real person. The presented image may not be consistent with his real "I". This aspect seems to encourage a man to rely on his partner in questions of inspiration, faith, hope and realistic achievement of his dreams. The main difficulty is caused by the fact that, if he is looking for his own reality through a woman, she expects that he will be a reality, on which her dreams can be built. This relationship causes disappointment.

Man's Sun in square to woman's Pluto

This aspect apparently enhances subconscious paranoia towards the opposite sex. The attraction is so strong that a woman feels it to the depths and withdraws into herself for protection. Both persons are afraid to be too open with each other, to be too open - it means to be overly vulnerable. They can feel almost obsessive interest in each other, while seeking to distance, which symbolizes security.

Woman's Sun in square to man's Pluto

This aspect can bring a deep understanding that first causes misunderstandings. Each person should respond to the new inner sources before he or she can properly understand the other. A woman can be treated by a man as a chaste virgin. He, in turn, is seen as a force that can overcome her virginity. She trusts him, but he can not trust himself. Interchange of light and dark forces creates great strength, which can help the prosperity of the relationship. But first everyone has to deal with his personal conception of "I".

Sun trines in synastry

Sun in trine to Sun

The spirit of cooperation and harmony allows each partner to experience the feeling of ease and optimism. Luck, happiness, material and spiritual wealth are possible, as the way of life of each person provides additional opportunities for the other. Both light sources illuminate the road to each other.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Moon

Here we find cooperation without rivalry. True communication can occur at many levels, as each individual has the necessary qualities to balance the other. "Parental residue" in the subconscious memories, which is part of this relationship, adds color, taste, sense of direction and meaning to what is already an excellent partnership.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Moon

This aspect allows woman to easily express herself. She tends to lead the relationship, and a man easily cooperates. He relies on her advices, trusts her wisdom and sees her as a light in which he may reflect. At the same time, taking the role of his mother, he discovers a great happiness in the family.

Man's Sun man in trine to woman's Mercury

The keynote of this relationship - the atmosphere of understanding and mutual interest. A man can share the ideas of the partner, and a woman is able to explain his purpose. Mutual cooperation colors all activity. Sometimes a woman is very revered for her ability to understand such relationships. This aspect can have platonic note, which means focus on woman's mental alertness. This mental alertness is a valuable asset, as a woman helps a man to understand his energy.

Woman's Sun women in trine to man's Mercury

This is an excellent aspect for joint activities, stimulating and satisfying for both partners. Each of them is capable of self-reflection, as one finds answers to his questions in the other. Communication is accented here, because the need for understanding allows each of them to listen to the other.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Venus

This aspect brings a sense of ease in the relationship, but it may cause some laziness, as each partner feels a sense of satisfaction with the other. The material and spiritual wealth is possible, because the relationship is focused on cooperation. A man plays the role of protector and defender, he is able to take the necessary burden, and a woman is pliable and capable to surrender to her Apollo.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Venus

This aspect apparently removes friction from relationship, thus increasing harmony. However, without friction there is almost no incentive to grow. These people may lack challenges. In this case, the relationship have female orientation, and a man plays cooperate, but rather a secondary role for subconscious comparison by a woman with her father. She feels secure from the inside. He feels relieved of the burden taken by those people who play full "male" role.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Mars

Activity, achievement and common sense of movement - that's the essence of this aspect. Relationships have a male orientation, as a woman tend to unconsciously identify herself with the figure of the animus. At the same time a man considers her spirit of cooperation as a valuable contribution to the expression of his ego. Pride, achievement and the ability to master difficult situations give a note of happiness to this partnership.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Mars

This is an excellent aspect for marriage. Man's vigorous drive consistently expresses the desire of a woman. She inspires and encourages him and gives hope and faith to his intentions. This relationship is characterized by a good level of sexual attraction. Moving to goals is easy.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Jupiter

This aspect indicates a compatible philosophy and a consistent view of life. Both partners feel the importance of understanding and honesty. A woman is proud of this relationship, and this feeling increases her desire to give love. This aspect reinforces the success and brilliance of partnership.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Jupiter

This aspect brings into relationship the foresight and wisdom. It also gives an interest in expanding and travel. A man can lead his partner, applying the truth and the kind of leadership that creates mutual respect and trust. This aspect has element of chance or unpredictability, and this can lead to risky enterprises, wastefulness (especially concerning investments) and personal freedom needs. Ultimately, these interests can work positively as factors that creates expansive and open relationship.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Saturn

This aspect creates a sober and sensible relationship. A woman, using protection and a sense of wisdom, helps a man to realize his potential. Goals, ideals and ability to draw on the traditions of the past are important here. Relationships are focused on a man, as a woman is inclined to subconsciously ascribe to her partner the same prudence and wisdom she has acquired from her father.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Saturn

This aspect brings a strong focus on improving the status of both partners. There may be some need to find the "right" level of life. Woman with optimism operates within the parameters set by man. These relationships can easily function in the overall rate and constraints dictated by both partners. If these relationships end in marriage, great wealth can be accumulated.

Man's Sun man in trine to woman's Uranus

In this aspect, a man is fascinated by the multi-faceted experience that is revealed to him due to contact with this woman. It provides excitement, which he needs in life. He becomes her source of inspiration. These relationships can be interesting and progressive; both partners can change and grow in concert with each other. A woman is always attractive to a partner because of her sense of isolation, which is for him the eternal mystery.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Uranus

Here a woman is struck by man's adaptability to change. She sees him as an unattainable ideal, and as a result he becomes more confident in his ability to transcend the traditional norms of society. This aspect requires strength and self-confidence from a woman, so that the relationship can be strong and lasting.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Neptune

Here, the power of love and light are mixed into a soft aesthetic combination, comfortable and soothing for both partners. This relationship usually has abundance of warmth, artistic creativity, and even a tacit understanding between people. A man is in love with a dream, and a woman perceives herself a part of this dream. Light, coming from a man, illuminates her imagination and strengthens his ego. This partnership includes the silent participation, which is the essence of harmony.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Neptune

Here a man realizeses woman's dreams. His charm intrigues her, his unattainable qualities puzzle her and challenge her Sun to shine its full brilliance. The more she tries to understand her partner, the greater the contact she takes with herself. Man sees that some of his dreams come true due to a stable and centered realism of a woman. This aspect adds a note of romantic aura and idealization to the relationship.

Man's Sun in trine to woman's Pluto

Here the forces of light and darkness are mixed together to develop a sense of united strength, which helps both partners to experience the best of both worlds. A man reveals untreated energy in a woman, that helps her to realize her power. Grinding her natural talents and developing strength, she raises her partner to the greatest heights. This aspect involves a lot of transformations. Truth and light of a man can use untreated energy, symbolized by Pluto, to make discoveries. The subconscious energy of a woman needs developing and cutting, before it can shine like a diamond.

Woman's Sun in trine to man's Pluto

This aspect displays on the surface and brings to the awareness constant rebirth, similar to the sexual power. A woman is aware of man's qualities necessary for her transformation. When a man subconsciously tries to control woman's light, he unintentionally comes to the truth. The results of this aspect can be wisdom, wealth and strength, and both the individual eventually come to realize the wealth of internal existence.

Sun oppositions in synastry

Sun in opposition to Sun

This aspect rarely leaves people indifferent. Either they are attracted to each other like two opposites, or repulsion appears immediately. Unexamined opposition will manifest itself as a constant struggle for leadership in which everyone will remain stubbornly to his own opinion; there will be great difficulty with mutual adaptation. Main task of the aspect - the coordination of initiatives and solutions, the division of roles, in which each of the partners will be alternately either initiating or supporting party. Examined aspect gives a good union of two people for their common objectives, based on the correct choice of compromises in their solutions.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Moon

This aspect emphasizes the need to break through the parental problems. A man fulfills the difficulties he experienced with his mother, while a woman fulfills the difficulties that arose from her father. As a result of this interaction, partners can help each other to grow and develop. This process may contain frictions. Each partner has to face the figures of the anima (for a man) and animus (for a woman). There is a transformation of subconscious expectations with regard to these figures. This aspect is difficult to marriage as a natural harmony needed in the relationship is eclipsed the need to free from early childhood experiences.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Moon

This aspect reveals the childhood memories of the relationship of a man with his mother. The woman appears to be dominating in the relationship, while a man against his will is starting to get a new view of his childhood. A woman feels that she is burdened with a double role: lover and wife, and mother. She may not like this role. This aspect is difficult for the marriage.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Mercury

This is especially disappointing aspect for a woman, as she feels that the partner misunderstands her femininity, and her ideas are very different from his views. Communication can be difficult, because a man subconsciously addresses a "boy" and not a woman. This aspect is difficult for any relationship, especially marriage.

Woman's Sunn in opposition to man's Mercury

Here, a woman often has pride and significance, while a man behaves childishly, though perhaps this happens subconsciously. A man can feel a threat from the partner and his own insignificance, these feelings forced him to look at the inner power, which otherwise he could ignore. A woman waits that he will express what she already knows he will say. This aspect is undesirable for long-term relationship, but it may be beneficial to both individuals within a short period of time.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Venus

This aspect brings attraction, and also points to the stagnation of the natural flow of love. Although a woman is attracted to a man, her concept of love is contrary to what he can give her. He must either cease to be himself and become what she needs, or learn to accept restraint and remoteness, which no one really wants. Both partners can achieve great prosperity, but the actual realization of the union is achieved only through hard work. However, the subconscious laziness may impede their progress.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Venus

This aspect verifies the role individuality of both partners. A woman, in order to be herself, must often go against her natural instincts of love, while a man, attracted by her power, tends to succumb to a "male will," which he sees in her. A man admires a woman, but lacks self satisfaction.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Mars

This is an aspect of quarrels. A woman is more assertive and energetic than a man expected, so the strong rivalry is going on between them in the relationship. Each of them is becoming more independent as a result of knowing the other. Partners may feel more distancing than moving closer to each other.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Mars

Rivalry, overflowing energy and the battle of egos - these are the characteristics of this aspect. Male ego is committed to the rule, whereas a woman is often defeated. Sexuality is lacking tenderness, indicating the real concern, it may be more a manifestation of the subconscious desire to overcome the challenge than an expression of love. Relationships tend to discover their inherent wildness that makes a marriage or a long partnership very difficult.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Jupiter

This aspect refers to the differences in the basic philosophy of life. Each person tends to be a maverick, without developing a sense of participation, which gives the warmth to the relationship. The abundance of travel or great wealth often characterizes this relationship, however, a woman may lose part of their femininity, and perhaps sexuality, because she feels forced to compete for recognition, coming from her partner. This is a very difficult aspect for marriage.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Jupiter

This aspect adds to the relationship an element of fortuity and destroys the sense of reliability. Although both partners maintain a sense of individual freedom, a woman often provides protection to both. Lack of communication and understanding makes two life styles pull in opposite directions. If this relationship is going to work, each partner must eventually reassess his/her principles and philosophy.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Saturn

This aspect is the reason of the heavy responsibility for a woman. In her efforts to cope with the difficulties she can rely on the memories of her father, whose lifestyle was quite different from her partner. The result of disputes and struggle will be strengthening of her inner spiritual world. A man feels that his life has become more responsible because of the seriousness which he feels in his partner. This relationship can be difficult, but lengthy, as each partner learns karmic lessons of strength, patience and prudence.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Saturn

This aspect creates a situation of "slavery." Brightness of a woman can be almost completely suppressed by excessively patronizing or commanding positions of her partner. He can imagine himself wise when he is with her, feeling himself younger, but hiding it because of fear of losing an authoritative role. The relationship can be long if a woman does not have a strong need to fully express her sunny individuality.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Uranus

This is one of the most difficult aspects for relationships. A man with the time begins to count a woman insensitive, while she tries to defend her freedom. Sexual attraction is unstable and sometimes absent. A man may feel that the burden of the relationship is placed on him. While a man is experiencing warm feelings to his partner, he may feel relief if the relationship will end.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Uranus

A woman is proud of unconventional inventiveness of her partner. He relies on her confidence and protection and can treat her as his anchor, reality, public, protector and even the center of his existence. However, due to conflict of interests, he may unconsciously deprive her intimacy which she needs. As a result of this interchange a woman learns to be more independent, while her partner is forced to learn the value of warmth, tradition and responsibility. In a best case it is a difficult aspect for a long-term relationship.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Neptune

This aspect gives rise to a lack of trust on the part of a man. Although he is attracted by a woman, but he can not really trust what he can not understand. Most probably there will be a very strong sexual attraction, but a man involved in the relationship feels that he loses himself in some inexplicable thin fog.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Neptune

This aspect makes it difficult for a woman to trust her partner. Promises can be broken before he comes closer to keep them. Intrigue, charm, mysterious longing - all is involved in the relationship, but she feels that she has to struggle to maintain a sense of prudence.

Man's Sun in opposition to woman's Pluto

This is a difficult aspect for a long-term relationship. It creates a strong sexual attraction, but two persons are separated by a considerable distance. A man may tend to humiliate a woman as if showing her the most miserable past helps him find the most noble traits in himself. The struggle between the forces of light and darkness becomes a constant source of irritation. But even in this case, this relationship can lead to a significant growing, as both partners try to understand whether the night follows day or day follows night.

Woman's Sun in opposition to man's Pluto

This aspect seems to create an arena for animal instincts. The honor and dignity of a woman are literally destroyed by a rude man, when he moves from the bottom of the inner depths to get in touch with her light. At this time she can gain spiritual strength, as he begins to realize that there are higher levels of Plutonian energy. This aspect sometimes results in sexual degradation, but if a woman has high moral ideals, she will be protected from it. If at the beginning of this relationship a woman is inferior, ultimately she shall be exalted, because her sense of honor and self-esteem becomes stronger as a result of tests.

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